Corona launches limited edition four-pack to support beach cleans across the country

Corona, the UK’s best-selling sunshine beer and one of the top 10 beer brands in the UK with value sales increasing by 15.4%, is launching a limited-edition four-pack of Corona to help fund vital beach cleans across the UK.

The new limited-edition “Protect Paradise Pack” is designed to help save the oceans from marine plastic pollution. For every limited-edition pack purchased, Corona and Parley for the Oceans commit to cleaning one square metre of local beach. One million limited-edition packs will be rolled out across UK retailers and convenience stores between June and August, equating to approximately 68 clean beaches. 

Corona has had a long-standing commitment to lowering its plastic usage and looking after the world’s oceans. Working with environmental organisation Parley for the Oceans since 2017, Corona has already worked with 25,000 volunteers to complete 537 clean-ups in over 23 countries, cleaning over three million square metres of beach in the process. As part of the limited-edition packaging, Corona and Parley will be hosting a series of beach cleans around the UK to remove plastic waste already on British shores, whilst educating volunteers on how to become more plastic conscious.

The new packaging comes at the perfect time for retailers, with summer in full swing – meaning demand for Corona is on the rise. Last year in fact, Corona volume sales increased by 49% over the summer months. In addition, concern about plastic waste is at all time high with Blue Planet 2 raising public awareness of the issue. Today, over half (55 percent) of UK consumers say their purchasing consideration is driven by a company’s ethical values and authenticity. This provides an opportunity for retailers to align themselves with the values that matter to their customers which will, in turn, increase sales. 

Patricia Garcia, Corona UKI marketing manager, commented: “We’ve taken time to ensure we are really committed to reducing the amount of plastic found not only on UK beaches but across the world. We believe by partnering with Parley for the Oceans we are in the best position to encourage consumers to make a difference and are providing retailers with the opportunity to stay abreast of consumer trends. These limited-edition packs allow consumers to make a difference and we expect them to be extremely popular over the summer months.”