Cosmetics brand, Charlotte Tilbury, uses e-commerce data to identify lucrative new markets

Charlotte Tilbury: international expansion

Charlotte Tilbury: international expansion

Celebrated make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury’s new consumer beauty brand is gearing up for international expansion in the US and farther afield, after e-commerce intelligence platform Ometria helped provide a business case for global growth opportunities.

The company began using Ometria to understand its wealth of revenue and marketing data using simple charts and graphs, after make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury launched the retail brand in September 2013.

“At launch, we decided to concentrate in the UK retail market,” said Rachel Jones, head of ecommerce at Charlotte Tilbury. “Although we had always planned to expand into other markets, Ometria demonstrated just how much demand there was for the brand overseas, specifically the US – our keenest audience. The data revealed there was a business case for immediate expansion.”

Charlotte Tilbury will retail within Bergdorf Goodman,, Nordstrom, and in the US later this year.

Ometria is also helping Charlotte Tilbury target its next wave of international opportunity. “There are places in Asia where we have activated any PR or marketing strategy but which the analysis suggests are amongst our top five online audiences,” said Jones. “When the data reveals that we are not fulfilling to 50% of our web visitors, the missed opportunity becomes apparent – so now we are crunching the numbers to identify our next markets.”

Ometria’s intuitive web-based dashboard lets ecommerce operators use their customer, product, order and on-site interaction data to better understand customer lifetime value, the profitability of marketing channels, and the performance of their product mix.

Retailers can delve deep in to the stories of individual customer engagement over time or create holistic views of thousands of customers, split into segments like hero customers, or customers interested in a particular type of product.

Despite only having been established for a few months, the Charlotte Tilbury brand has found “great results” by targeting marketing messages for particular new products at previous buyers of high-value and low-value products respectively, according to Jones.

“We will be using those features again when we unveil our summer product range,” according to Jones, who urged other small companies to join the data revolution to grow their businesses: “We use Ometria on a daily basis. We are a small ecommerce team, but to know we can drill down at such a level of depth is brilliant. Because we know the typical product life cycle of, say, a lipstick, we can send messages aimed at driving replenishment orders to customers who are likely to have run out.”

In March, Ometria closed a seed funding round of $1.5m, attracting the support of some of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the ecommerce, retail, technology and SaaS spaces.