The Cotswold Juice Company launches organic freshly made juice deliveries in Gloucestershire

The Cotswold Juice Company has launched in Cheltenham, delivering 100% organic, freshly made, cold-pressed juices and smoothies to businesses and people at work in Gloucestershire.

Dedicated to making juices that are healthy and nutritious, each juice is packed full of nutrients and contain powerful immune building antioxidants, vitamins, mineral and enzymes.

The founder of the new juice business is Kathryn Green who wanted share her passion for juicing by making nutritious drinks that can be delivered directly to people at work.

Green said: “I’ve always loved juicing, and the health benefits associated with drinking fresh juices, but rarely found the time to make them in the morning before work.

“Following a wake-up call health wise, I knew something had to change. I started a course in nutrition and realised that my diet was far from healthy and my immune system was in need of a revamp and the easiest way to boost your nutrient intake is drinking cold-pressed juices.”

The Cotswold Company’s juices are made from raw and organic ingredients, and use the cold-press extracting method to retain more vitamins, minerals and enzymes – for the maximum health kick.

The company has launched with four juices made up of Revive, packed with kale, ginger and apple for refreshed and revitalised feel; Energy Smoothie, which is perfect for an added boost and to bring about that glow; Heart Beet, which is brimming with Vitamin C rich beetroot which can improve bloodflow and stamina; and Carrot Espresso, a powerhouse of disease fighting antioxidants. Each 300ml bottle costs £4.50.

Deliveries are currently made in a 10 mile radius of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.