Cotswold RAW considers registering as the UK’s first ‘dog centric sausage’


The unreliable British weather may well have put a temporary dampener on the UK’s fanatical BBQ fraternity but our island’s unquenchable bulldog spirit means we’re never more than a few sunbeams away from purring lawnmowers, the scent of fresh grass and the unmistakable whiff of frazzled meats.

Nothing says BBQ more than the hearty banger for which Britain is so proud, and yet, whilst we humans chomp the chipolata one has to feel a little sorry for the salivating hounds left on the sidelines.

Cotswold RAW is a proud rural provider of the ‘dog sausage,’ a nutritionally robust and sublime tasting sausage that comes in a wealth of stirring flavours from Beef, Turkey & Chicken to Venison & Rabbit.

Better still these Grocer award nominated sausages can be eaten straight of the pack because Cotswold RAW is a pioneer in BARF thinking which appreciates that ‘cooked pet food’ means the unnecessary asset stripping of essential nutrients and taste notes.

Co-founder Mark Lewis said: “We’re currently discussing whether to register the trusty Cotswold as a standalone sausage, because in a country that is rightly proud of the hefty Cumberland & the spicy Yorkshire (nutmeg & cayenne), the coarse meat Suffolk and the herby Lincolnshire (sage and thyme), why not champion the world’s 1st dog centric sausage – the MIGHTY Cotswold?”