Cottage Delight debuts Great British Pantry range of premium sauces, condiments and preserves and wins top independent retailer endorsements

New range of sauces, condiments and preserves

There is a treat in store for Britain’s wholesalers, convenience retailers and shoppers too, with the launch of The Great British Pantry range of premium sauces, condiments and preserves from the highly trusted and respected Cottage Delight Family. And better still, a handpicked group of the nation’s top independent retailers have been trialling the new range in their stores and they’ve confirmed it’s a great sales opportunity.

The Great British Pantry luxury selection of 13 premium classic flavours covers sauces, chutneys, pickles, jams and curds.  This high-quality range uses traditional flavours and methods to give shoppers complete reassurance of value and consistency. 

Backed by eye-catching POS, including smart freestanding display units, it adds up to a tempting and nostalgic choice for convenience shoppers, hungry after long months of lockdown to give their taste buds a break from the same old supermarket staples. 

Turning to the trade, The Great British Pantry range presents a great opportunity for convenience stores and the wholesalers and symbol groups supplying them to give their stores a point of difference, by stocking a range of premium quality products shoppers won’t find in their supermarkets. And it gives specialist wholesalers something different and premium to offer their discerning trade customers, too.

The Great British Pantry bottles and jars stand out from the pack. They’re beautifully presented with a handcrafted, artisan design featuring colourful bright labels, hand drawn illustrations and a fully printed branded lid. The range comes in cases of six, ideal for convenience retailers’ stockrooms.

The Great British Pantry – it’s what the country needs now

Shane Starkey, sales director, Cottage Delight, shares the story: “The Great British Pantry range gives shoppers the chance to explore a pantry full of classic flavours and experience delicious home-made taste.  Feeding our hunger for real food, every product is steeped in British heritage and hand crafted to traditional recipes by real people.

“The Great British Pantry taps into key, current food trends. More and more of us are fed up with big business marketing mass produced products with no soul. Consumers are actively seeking more authentic products and experiences. And ninety percent of shoppers said they would be willing to pay more for British-made goods. “

Great food is an important part of our post pandemic self-care. 79% of Brits regularly eat breakfast:  33% are spending more time cooking or baking:  growing numbers are demanding classic comforting food flavours and familiar childhood favourites. And now we can see friends and family again, gifting with premium and more special food items is a huge growth opportunity that convenience retailers can own.

Tried and tested… and ready to stock

Leading retailers from key symbol groups including Budgen’s, Mace, Nisa and One Stop took part in the six-week in-store trial, which saw the stores test, sample and sell The Great British Pantry’s full range. The Great British Pantry supported the retailers with impactful point of sale and display solutions.  The same freestanding display units and a choice of shelf barkers and wobblers are now available to retailers who stock the range, to help create maximum impact in store and drive sales.

Here’s what the retailers who took part in the trial said:

Harj Dhasee, who owns two ‘Village Stores’ in the Cotswolds and recently switched to SimplyFresh’s Sainsbury’s format: “Sauces were the striking success for us, selling out in both shops. Barbecue sauces are something you buy on impulse. Everywhere else round here has Heinz and own label, but not better value and high-end products like The Great British Pantry, with a good margin and high repeat purchase rate.”  

I would like to stock the range in future:  Strongly agree

Sid (Avtar) Sidhu, St John’s Budgens, Kenilworth: “Our shoppers tried the range and thought it was very good. We’ve also had feedback on social and online, including people making dishes with the range and recommending it. The FSDU was a good driver and the branding works really well.  It transcends the different categories well, too.”   

I would recommend the range to my peers: Strongly agree

Mace retailer Dean Holborn, who operates Holborn’s Nutfield and Holborn’s Redhill: “The Great British Pantry has been a great success. At Holborn’s we like to showcase things that are new or have a point of difference and are a bit more niche. I would definitely recommend other retailers stock it.” 

I would like my wholesaler to stock: Strongly agree

Sunder Sander, One Stop, Leamington Spa: “It’s a good range. One manufacturer making all these products is a good call. The customer base is basket spenders who are shopping to buy various items. They offer a healthy margin too.”   

I rate the product standout:  5/5

The time is right for The Great British Pantry…

Shane Starkey, sales director, Cottage Delight, says: “I’m delighted with the way our retailers embraced the trial and put The Great British Pantry range through its paces. Stores involved have already said they will continue to stock the products and make them a permanent addition. It’s a great result and we’re very excited about the prospects for The Great British Pantry rolling out into the wider wholesale and convenience channel. 

“We’ve all admired the convenience stores’ achievements during the pandemic, holding their communities together in these tough times. Their Great British success story is part of the inspiration for our new range, and we look forward to contributing to their continuing business growth with exciting our products to engage their shoppers.”

The Great British Pantry range comprises: 

Smoky Barbecue Sauce: RRP £2.89; Cracked Pepper Steak Sauce: RRP £2.69; Bloody Mary Ketchup: £2.89; Rich Tomato Ketchup: RRP £2.69; Sticky Chilli Jam: RRP £2.49; Caramelised Onion Chutney: RRP £2.79; Bramley Apple Chutney:  RRP £2.49; Chutney for Cheese: RRP £2.79; Countryman’s Pickle: £2.49; Rhubarb & Ginger Preserve: RRP £2.79; Morello Cherry Preserve: RRP £2.79; All Butter Lemon Curd: RRP £3.25; Breakfast Marmalade: RRP £2.49.   

Fully branded case size: 6. POR based on RRP is approx. 33%   

  • All products are gluten free except Bloody Mary Ketchup  
  • All products are Vegetarian
  • All products are Vegan except All Butter Lemon Curd and Smoky Barbecue Sauce

The team at Cottage Delight will be investing behind the launch of The Great British Pantry with trade and consumer marketing support including a dedicated website, social media, trade shows, PR and advertising. 

Retailers and wholesalers interested in listing The Great British Pantry should please contact or call 01538 382020 or visit