Cow & Gate launches premium formula milk range made with A2 protein milk

Cow & Gate, one of the UK’s leading baby and toddler milk brands, has announced the launch of its new Cow & Gate Simply A2 range made with A2 protein milk. The new premium range will be the only range in UK major retailers produced with milk sourced from cows that naturally produce A2 protein milk.

The powder format comes in 800g Eazypack and covers all three stages of baby feeding, from birth to toddlerhood:

  • Cow & Gate Simply A2 Infant Milk (From birth)
  • Cow & Gate Simply A2 Follow-On Milk (From 6 months)
  • Cow & Gate Simply A2 Toddler Milk (From 1 year)

Trusted by parents for over 100 years, Cow & Gate has launched Simply A2 made with A2 protein milk in response to the rapid growth of the A2 protein milk market globally, which is expected to triple from $6 billion in 2018 to $21 billion by 2026.

The A2 protein milk in Cow & Gate Simply A2 is uniquely sourced and comes from carefully selected cows that naturally produce only the A2 beta-casein protein, which was the original beta-casein protein in cow’s milk thousands of years ago.

Sarah Cumming, UK consumer marketing director for Danone Specialised Nutrition, commented: “We continuously listen to parents, innovating to meet their needs and lifestyle choices, while offering our best nutrition for their little ones. Interest in A2 protein milk has been rapidly growing around the world in recent years; it’s a trend that is transforming the entire dairy industry and has most recently been shaking up the formula milk market globally, with seven A2 protein formula milks launched in the last six months worldwide.

“Inspired by nature and our knowledge of breastmilk, we’re proud to be the first to bring this innovation, which has been simply made for little tummies with milk sourced from cows that naturally produce A2 protein milk, to major UK retailers. It is a clear opportunity for retailers to cater to consumer interest and tap into a global trend.”

The new Cow & Gate Simply A2 range made with A2 protein milk has been made to Danone’s highest quality standards, with the Follow-On Milk and Toddler Milk containing key vitamins and minerals, and no artificial preservatives.

The launch is supported with a brand-new pack design, inspired by simplicity and naturality, alongside a 360 media campaign with the tagline: Simply made for little tummies.

The range will be available nationwide starting with First Infant Milk and Follow-On Milk launching in Boots from 1 March, 2021. This will be followed by the launch of the full range in other major retailers including Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s in April 2021, and Asda in July 2021.

The RRP for the premium Cow & Gate Simply A2 First Infant Milk & Follow-On Milk is £9.99 and the RRP for Toddler Milk is £9.50.