Craft gin, Northwest Expedition Passage, launches in the UK


Introducing Northwest Passage Expedition Gin, a craft gin created by a team of adventurers to raise awareness of ocean conservation and to help fund their row of the Northwest Passage, the arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, known as the Last Great First. Available to purchase online from the Northwest Passage Gin website. RRP of £39.95 per 70cl bottle.

Proceeds from the sales of our Northwest Passage Expedition Gin will fund the Last Great First. The 2021 maritime navigation of the Northwest Passage by human power – the ultimate ocean row.

Flavoured with botanicals from the shores of Orkney and the Hudson Bay in Canada, this adventurous gin is a tribute to all the greatest legends and explorers who risked everything to find a new route to Asia. The unique flavours are drawn from Sugar Kelp, Angelica Archangelica, Ramanas Rose and Burnet Rose. The Angelica root adds a hint of sweetness that is balanced by a subtle, floral note from the roses. The addition of lemon peel and calamondin brings the bright, citrus notes to the gin and the sugar kelp adds a mild saltiness to the palette, connecting the spirit to the sea – just one sip of this will transport you back to the Age of Discovery.

Leven Brown, seven-time ocean rowing Guinness World Record holder and expedition leader comments: “We are thrilled to launch Northwest Passage Expedition Gin to support our 2021 expedition and raise awareness for ocean conservation. This is our first step towards making history.”

Stephen Kemp, of The Orkney Distillery, comments: “The creation of Northwest Passage Expedition Gin has been inspirational and we are thrilled to have been part of something so exciting. The result is a high quality gin, created using a selection of botanicals rooted in history and from the same water source that supplied the ships of Captain Cook and Sir John Franklin. We hope existing and new gin drinkers will enjoy it. ”

The Northwest Passage is the Arctic route that links the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. It has been sought-after by explorers for centuries, who have been intent on braving the ice and storms to find a trade route to Asia. Next summer, a team of experienced ocean rowers will attempt an expedition like no other, to be the first to navigate the Northwest Passage by rowing boat.

Whilst rowing the 2300m Arctic route, the team will draw attention to the drastically changing environment by taking part in meaningful data collection for The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, so that it can be used for future research.  Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is one of the world’s leading non-profit ocean cleanups. They help keep the oceans clean, protect vulnerable marine animals, provide free educational resources, research ocean pollution for policy change, and support the development of innovative technologies.

Navigating the Northwest Passage by human power alone is considered the ‘Last Great First’ on earth. But it hasn’t always been possible. Climate change has resulted in the sea ice retreating for longer periods each year, keeping the route open from July to September, which is when the rowers plan to embark on this incredible challenge.

Made in the Orkney Distillery, alongside the award-winning Kirkjuvagr brand, Northwest Passage Expedition Gin is for real gin lovers, who will be intrigued by the pure, wild spirit of the Arctic shoreline. But for all its flavour, there is one secret ingredient not listed… a spirit of adventure.