Crafts supplies retailer Cosy Owl reports 300% year-on-year growth


Crafts supplies specialists Cosy Owl has undertaken research looking into the hottest crafts that trended over the past 12 months of lockdown. This includes crafts such as candle making, soap making, diamond painting, tie dye, and ceramics – just to name a few.

This latest data on popular crafts lines, follows a 300% year-on-year growth in revenue for the UK based crafts supplies retailer.

It’s been an emphatic year of activity for craft makers around the world, but in the UK specifically, handmade crafts have really taken off. Candle making is just one of the crafts experiencing an exciting boom throughout 13 months of lockdown, but many suppliers are now left experiencing wax shortages around the world. This results in businesses and hobbyists across the country experiencing delays for products. There is, however, a wealth of crafts seeing gains in popularity from the start of lockdown.

Assessing 12 months of data via Google Trends, Cosy Owl revealed the top 15 crafts by percentage increases from the year of 2019 to 2020 per, additionally looking into the month-on-month data of January – February 2020 vs 2021 (with the majority of the population in lockdown). The results are staggering.

There were overwhelmingly large growths in demand for resin moulds, (652% increase from Jan-Feb 2020 vs 2021) dried flowers (511% increase from Jan-Feb 2020 vs 2021) and wax melts (232% increase from Jan-Feb
2020 vs 2021).

Richard Fewings, managing director of Cosy Owl, commented: “The last 12 months have seen an incredible surge of interest for crafting with our business seeing an incredible 300% growth year on year. This has been driven by people with more time trying different activities and finding new hobbies, coupled with people across the country re-evaluating their priorities and looking to change careers or start a small business from home rather than return to the ‘rat race’ post lockdown.

“With many shops closed there has been a real opportunity for small crafters to sell their products online and with so many of us confined to home, demand for luxury products such as scented candles and boutique crafts has also seen an increase. It has been an unprecedented year for everyone but for crafting it has been a year of unsurpassed growth and renewed interest.

“As lockdown restrictions ease and life returns to some sort of normality it is likely that we will see some amount of re-balancing in the field but I think that there are good reasons to foresee continued strong growth for crafting. With the re-opening of physical outlets and outdoor markets, another traditional outlet for the craft industry will return, with Christmas markets traditionally accounting for a huge seasonal surge in demand. Also with the dreary possibility of a recession looming post-COVID, it is likely that people with less disposable income will cut back on large expenditures like holidays, new cars and moving house, and instead will seeks more affordable luxuries for their home – traditionally the small luxury market that crafting fits into has seen a boost in such times. Also, the therapeutic benefits of home crafting itself shouldn’t be forgotten and especially in times of stress, crafting has lots of benefits, so we could well see continued interest from new crafters as we transition into a post COVID world. All of this is good news for all the crafters new and old that have found out how much fun and opportunity there is in the sector!”