Crew Clothing Company sees a 5.24% uplift in conversion after launching social proof messaging

The introduction of social proof messaging has delivered great results for Crew Clothing, delivering a 5.24% conversion rate uplift. The company looks forward to testing more message types as part of its roadmap.


Crew Clothing Company is the go-to British lifestyle brand, designing smart casual clothing for men, women and children with a coastal twist.


Crew Clothing wanted to see how social proof messaging could help increase its conversion rate and improve the customer experience. However, it was also mindful of protecting the brand’s reputation and wanted to ensure it delivered the right tone of voice for its customers.


Crew Clothing tested 10 message types from Taggstar. The full-funnel implementation of social proof messaging also included the new ‘Bestseller’ messaging.


During the evaluation period social proof messaging delivered a 5.24% increase in conversion rate for Crew Clothing, equating to an ROI of 44.9X across the year.

The success of the new messaging types, coupled with Crew Clothing’s dedication to pushing results and trying new things, has meant that Taggstar and Crew Clothing are working on a range of new messaging for the future roadmap. These will include sustainable, personal navigation and review messaging.

Rebecca Leuw, Head of Digital Customer Experience at Crew Clothing, said: “From our first conversations with Taggstar we could see the huge potential for social proof messaging within our business and that potential has been proven in the results. Our customers love the extra buying assistance that social proof messaging provides. We look forward to working with Taggstar to develop the strategy further.”

Peter Buckley, CRO at Taggstar, said: “We are constantly evolving the Taggstar messaging. To be able to test our latest iterations with a brand like Crew Clothing shows the benefits that forward-thinking brands like Crew Clothing can realise from social proof messaging.”