Crew Clothing personalises email marketing with Oracle Marketing Cloud


In collaboration with Oracle Marketing Cloud, UK design and retail company Crew Clothing has increased conversions among existing customers and re-engaged lapsed customers through campaigns built on timely and relevant interactions.

With barriers to entry for new online retailers today so low, the clothing market has never been more competitive. Crew Clothing wanted to replace its “batch and blast” email approach with a campaign strategy that would reward loyal customers, nurture long-term relationships, and boost sales.

Oracle Marketing Cloud advised Crew Clothing to segment its customer base by purchase history, email and social interactions, and site visits, after which it tested the company’s marketing process to reveal what content would be most relevant for users. The methodical approach helped Crew Clothing outperform its key performance indicators. The brand:

  • Increased active customers by 20%
  • Reduced lapsed customers by 25%
  • Increased total open-rates by 75%

Sebastiano Elia, online marketing executive at Crew Clothing, said: “Email marketing is our critical tool for re-engaging customers. Oracle Marketing Cloud showed us how a clearer understanding of our customer base and some seemingly small changes to our approach could radically improve our results. We were blown away by the difference they made”.