Currys PC World and Radio DJ, Matt Edmondson, launch new E-Scooter Safety Campaign


2021 will be the ‘Year of the E-scooter’, with an uplift in popularity nationwide as one in ten Brits (10%) were gifted one this Christmas. Additionally, Currys PC World, the UK’s largest electrical retailer reports a 230% increase in e-scooter orders over the festive period.

While private e-scooters can only currently be legally used on private land, they are flying off the shelves. Despite this rise in popularity, a fifth (18%) of the UK population admit that they are scared to ride an e-scooter. As e-scooter trials continue to roll out across the UK and the popularity increases, Currys PC World has partnered with e-scooter sage and radio DJ, Matt Edmondson, to create an entertaining electric scooter safety video HERE to ensure anyone with a new e-scooter knows how, where and when to ride it.

A whopping 61% of Brits say that people who ride e-scooters are dangerous to others on the road, ride them too fast (49%) and do not wear protective gear (43%). Almost a quarter of those quizzed (23%) wish for clearer information on e-scooter health and safety, with nearly half (44%) unsure if riding on the pavement is allowed and 60% unsure of the legal speed limit.

In response to the findings above, the ‘E-scooting: Do’s & Don’ts’ video, filmed on location at a Currys PC World store in Staples Corner, London, aims to show how fun e-scooters can be when used correctly. Top Tips include:


·    Only use a rental e-scooter within a local area hosting a trial. Please see more info on the government website, here.

·    Wear a helmet and make yourself as visible as possible.

·    Use the roads if your area is running an e-scooter trial but stick to the speed limits. In the UK, it’s 15.5mph.

·    Give everything extra-space! Don’t scoot through narrow gaps.

·    Know your battery life. Don’t let it run empty whilst you’re nowhere near a charging point.


·    Ever ride a privately owned e-scooter on UK private roads, cycle lanes or pavements

·    Ever double up! Scooters are only designed to carry one person.

·    Ride on pavements. It’s a danger to pedestrians, and illegal.

·    Be a hazard! Park safely and courteously.

·    Drink and scoot!

·    Carry anything that could hinder your ability to control the scooter safely.

As of January 2021, privately owned e-scooters can only be used on private land with the permission of the landowner. It is currently a criminal offence to ride a privately owned e-scooter on a UK public road, cycle lane or pavement. However, in the UK, the government is currently rolling out e-scooter trials in several cities nationwide including Cambridge, Liverpool, York; and are set to launch in London later this spring. In the trial areas, it is still illegal to use a privately owned e-scooter on a public road, but the public can instead hire an e-scooter to use legally within set boundaries. Although the trials are currently gradually rolling out, the public (12%) are calling out for the trials to come sooner, with a fifth (19%) thinking that the UK is lagging behind other countries such as France and Germany in regard to its e-scooter laws.

Head of brand, communications, and planning at Currys PC World, Corin Mills, said: “E-scooters were in a lot of stockings across the nation this year and we expect the demand for e-scooters to rise ever further as the public look for alternative and independent modes of transport, with a smaller carbon footprint to boot.”

Mills continued: “Providing the trials this year are a success, we’re gearing up to help riders scoot responsibly when they are legal to use in public. We’ve created this engaging video to ensure that e-scooter owners, and those interested in trying one, know how to scoot safely. We’re delighted to have e-scooter fanatic Matt Edmondson onboard to help us get the nation scooting safely into the sunset!”

Matt Edmondson, Radio DJ, adds: “I have been an e-scooter fan for years, they’re a great way of getting some fresh air and are better for the environment. Hopefully, our safety video highlights how fun e-scooters can be when used considerately and in line with government guidance. Watch the video, go forth, and scoot safely!”

The Currys PC World e-scooter range, for use on private land only in the UK, starts from £277.00 and includes models from leading brands such as Xiaomi, CityBlitz, and Mi. For more information and to browse the range of e-scooters available at Currys PC World, please visit

In line with government Covid 19 guidelines, customers can currently order online and have their tech delivered to their homes or take advantage of Order & Collect. For those that shop online, Currys PC World has brought its store colleague expertise to its customers whilst shopping through its ShopLive service which connects customers to a video chat with one of its tech experts, helping customers work out the right tech option for them.