Customer loyalty specialist Ikano Insight develops joint loyalty programme for Monsoon and Accessorize


New loyalty programme

Customer loyalty specialist Ikano Insight has developed a new joint loyalty programme for fashion retailer Monsoon Accessorize.

It will be the first loyalty programme available under the Accessorize brand, as well as marking a significant expansion to Monsoon’s scheme, the company claims.

The dual loyalty scheme will officially launch on 29 September across 329 UK and Republic of Ireland stores, with existing customers having been issued with dual-branded cards.

The programme will allow shoppers in both Monsoon and Accessorize stores to collect one point for every £1 or €1 they spend, making it one of the most generous loyalty schemes in retail, Ikano said. The threshold for using reward vouchers has been reduced to a £150 spend for a £10 voucher, or €200 for a €12 voucher.

Vouchers will now be loaded electronically onto customers’ Reward Cards twice annually, replacing their paper counterparts, and will expire after three months. This both reduces the cost of operating the programme and lowers security risks.

“This new loyalty offering is all about engaging with our customers on their terms,” said a Monsoon spokesperson.

“By offering more rewards across both brands, together with more opportunities to use them, the new scheme will improve the shopping experience for our customers and enable them to make the most of it in their own way.”

The new programme also sees the introduction of Single Sign-On, which allows online shoppers to sign into their loyalty and shopping accounts simultaneously with one user identity, rather than having to view their rewards separately.

“All of these measures mean that Monsoon and Accessorize customers will be able to collect points faster, redeem rewards seamlessly and more easily manage their accounts,” said Lindsey Ulanowsky, general manager at Ikano Insight.

“As well as reducing the costs of operating the loyalty programme, a dual loyalty programme allows Monsoon Accessorize to collect much more comprehensive data on customer spending patterns and preferences, which will enable them to further improve the customer experience.”

Ikano Insight has worked with Monsoon Accessorize for five years and manages the brand’s customer loyalty programme, including database management, campaign management, customer insight and strategic marketing support.