Czech beer brand, Budvar, gets wiser with Shopitize mobile campaign


Premium Czech beer brand Budvar has announced the latest results of their partnership with Shopitize, following successful brand awareness and product trial activities using the shopper marketing platform.

The initial programmes with Shopitize allowed shoppers to claim 50p and then £1 off the retail cost of a 500ml bottle of Budweiser Budvar when they snapped their receipt on the Shopitize app, regardless of which retailer they bought the product in.

The programmes, which were designed to raise brand awareness on mobile and drive sales, also included an interaction with shoppers in order to highlight Budvar’s credentials and it’s premium nature through showcasing the brands core messaging.

Talking about the sustained customer engagement campaign, Simon George, the UK sales director of Budweiser Budvar UK, said: “The initial results were very promising, displaying a strong conversion rate from shoppers that engaged with the offer on the app. With Shopitize, we are able to learn even more about where and when our shoppers are buying our products, no matter which store they chose to buy them from.”

“The success of this campaign really demonstrates the value of being able to track each shopper at every stage of the path to purchase,” said Chris Newbery, sales director at Shopitize. “For all brands, building one-to-one relationships with shoppers is key to standing out from your competitors. Delivering regular mobile engagement campaigns is a very effective way of doing this, regardless of where a customer shops.”

The success can now be used by Budvar to re-target shoppers in different ways depending on where in the path to purchase they got to. For example, giving less of a discount for those who previously purchased the product versus those who considered the product but didn’t go on to purchase. The insights can also be utilised to encourage targeted trade up to multipacks, support upcoming NPD, and gain new retailer listings.

From a shopper perspective, the programmes resulted in driving more men into stores (52% male/female split) and helped to encourage younger purchasers of the product (42% 18-34-year-olds). From a category angle, there was a halo effect on the entire category due to the pre-store purchase decision resulting in people being driven down the Beers, Wines & Spirits aisle to purchase Budvar. In addition, for the sub-category, the results were both unit and shopper uplift due to a 41% increase in basket penetration and 18% increase in weight of purchase.