Davina Steel launches into The Co-Op

East Anglia’s only gluten free bakery, Davina Steel, has just confirmed a deal to supply Co-op stores across the region.

Going into East of England Co-op stores from early next week, three of the Davina Steel gluten free kits and mixes will be available in 25 stores.

This is the first listing with The East of England Co-op for Davina Steel, which opened its own, purpose-built gluten free bakery in the summer. The firm will be supporting the launch with in-store sampling.

“We are very excited to be launching into East of England Co-op, particularly as one of the stores is in Halstead, our home town,” explains Dan Jennings at Davina Steel. “It’s fantastic to be able to get our kits and baking mixes into the hands of more customers and extend the opportunity for people to bake gluten free more easily at home.”

The East of England Co-op Store will be selling the Pizza, Scone and Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia mixes.

There are six sweet and savoury kits in the Davina Steel range: Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia, Onion Focaccia, Chocolate Chip Focaccia, White Loaf Mix, Pizza Base Mix (makes four pizzas) and Scone Mix (makes 8-10 scones). The Focaccia Kits come in 300g kits, while the White Loaf Mix (300g), Pizza Base Mix (400g) and Scone Mix (300g).

Davina Steel produces six baking kits which are available in Sainsbury’s, Ocado and The East of England Co-Op. For more information visit www.davinasteel.com

For images, samples and more information contact Nikki Whiteford on 07733 261843 or email nikki@nicolawhitefordpr.com