Dawsons Music selects GoInStore to deliver industry-first “smart glasses” viewpoint to online customers


GoInStore, the UK-based creator of a pioneering first-person shopping experience for online customers, has been selected by leading retail chain Dawsons Music to deliver a real-time, immersive viewpoint to its online customers via the latest “smart glasses” wearable technology.

The GoInStore solution uses wearable smart glasses or Android Handheld devices to close the gap between online and offline worlds.  In this industry-first implementation, visitors to the Dawsons retail website (www.dawsons.co.uk) can access a one-way live video stream from the viewpoint of one of Dawsons’ knowledgeable in-store sales staff, who is equipped with smart glasses and able to guide the customer in “first person” through the store and explore products.

This immersive visual experience is coupled with a two-way audio stream, effectively allowing the website visitor to shop as if they were physically in-store and engaged with a staff member. The service is supported by GoInStore’s server infrastructure and artificial intelligence-driven Assignation Engine that can quickly analyse online data and deliver key insights to ensure that any website visitor is connected to the representative who is best placed to serve each customer for their individual behaviour, product and geographical consideration.

Mark Taylor, managing director for Dawsons Music, said: “Our staff are musicians first and foremost, which means the expertise you receive by visiting one of our stores is second to none.  GoInStore allows our most valuable sales asset – our staff – to engage with customers far beyond the typical catchment areas of our stores and has unleashed their potential across the web.”  He added: “Although this is cutting-edge technology, it’s facilitating a human-to-human connection in a comfortable and familiar way for staff and customers alike. The end result is much greater synergy between the web and stores.”

GoInStore service co-founder, Andre Hordagoda said: “Our enabling technology was conceived specifically to address the disparity between high in-store conversion rates when compared to that of online conversion rates, which could be as low as one tenth of the performance of a physical shopping experience.  The service has since demonstrated not only a dramatic improvement in online conversion rates, but other hugely valuable benefits for retailers, ranging from increased Average Order Value to improved customer satisfaction and a reduction in the rate of returns.” He added: “With our first-to-market technology, early adopters and visionary retailers such as Dawsons Music are set to benefit from a real first-mover advantage.  This fast-evolving space will see rapid expansion as enhancements to hardware and bandwidth deliver continuous improvements to quality of service for consumers.”

Nicola Tibbs, Dawsons head of e-commerce, said: “GoInStore has a two-way benefit: it leverages our stores to build confidence online, and it facilitates a direct connection for customers with our knowledgeable store staff.”

She continued: “For higher value purchases, the in-store connection can be a critical ‘assist’, which can be successfully measured with GoInStore’s attribution model.  For us, this approach is an exciting move towards true omni-channel.”