De Villiers Walton and Business on Demand partner to offer SAP solution


SAP consultancy, De Villiers Walton has launched a partnership with SaaS marketing specialist, Business on Demand (BoD).

The newly-formed company, Enterprise on Demand (EoD), will specialise in the supply and delivery of the SAP Business ByDesign on-demand solution. The announcement follows a partnership arrangement between SAP, De Villiers Walton and Business on Demand, which was agreed in late March.

“In this new 50/50 Enterprise on Demand partnership, Business on Demand will provide the sales and marketing capability, while De Villiers Walton will offer pre-sales and implementation expertise,” said Daneel de Villiers, managing director, De Villiers Walton.

“It was very much a meeting of minds,” said Martyn Hope, managing director of BoD. “We are very excited by this new partnership and believe the corporate and multi-national skills of both supporting businesses will play a major part in aiding SAP in securing targeted business for Business By Design and delivering a quality SaaS service to our clients.”

De Villiers Walton, whose clients include Heineken UK, and the foodservice firm Brakes, has recently implemented SAP Business ByDesign across two continents, which went live in less than two weeks.

The firm will now use its SAP experience and business-driven approach to offer consultation and delivery of SAP Business ByDesign within other firms.

“As part of the Enterprise on Demand partnership, De Villiers Walton will deliver implementation services and consultation,” said De Villiers.

“We are also working towards offering development opportunities using our ZUI solution within the cloud space.”

Business on Demand director, Simon Angel, said: “Working with De Villiers Walton, gives us access to trained Business ByDesign Consultants with a wealth of SAP experience, enabling us to offer world-class SAP Business ByDesign solutions.”