Debenhams partners with customer engagement specialist, Rant & Rave, to listen to customers

Foster (left) and Fois (right) at Debenhams Oxford Street

Foster (left) and Fois at Debenhams Oxford Street

Debenhams, the second largest department store chain in the UK, is partnering with Rant & Rave, the customer engagement specialist, to increase feedback, reduce customer effort and deliver a great experience.

Headquartered in London with more than 176 UK stores, Debenhams wanted to capture feedback of customers in store, online and via click and collect. In June 2015 the retailer introduced Rant & Rave’s customer engagement technology to capture customer feedback. Every customer who makes a purchase instore is now given the opportunity to share feedback about their experience by following a URL link on their till receipt. The retailer has rolled out this call to action nationwide, capturing instore service, food services and travel money feedback.

Debenhams said it recognises that customer service should be driven by what the customer wants to say, rather than what the business wants to know. The new online solution is claimed to simplifiy the feedback process for customers, with a web form asking three questions including an NPS rating of customer experience. The solution also enables Debenhams’ employees to take this information and translate it into meaningful, timely actions; if a customer gives a score of 0-3, the relevant store manager is alerted and the customer is asked whether they would like someone to contact them. Customers also receive an email asking for their feedback if they make a purchase online, via click and collect or via a kiosk.

Feedback is used across the business, with store managers able to access data through a dashboard, creating full visibility of the customer experience. Equally, at a higher level within the business, team divisions can use the insight to change processes and celebrate outstanding service by employees.

Peter Foster, head of customer strategy and insight at Debenhams, said: “We take customer opinions very seriously at Debenhams and always strive to put customers first. This solution makes it simple for customers to share feedback with us, so that their collective voice can drive the business forward.

The introduction of Rant & Rave has enabled us to gain real insight into the customer experience across our stores, so we can take action to refine practices as well as champion great service from employees.”

Dennis Fois, CEO of Rant & Rave, said: “It’s clear to us that Debenhams is a customer-centric brand, committed to listening to their customers and using feedback to implement positive change. This strategy is key to giving them an edge in the competitive retail landscape, where the customer is king. We look forward to working with Debenhams and supporting them in their Raveolution.”

Rant & Rave is an award winning provider of SaaS Customer Engagement solutions based in Coventry. It helps organisations deliver great customer experience, listing half of the FTSE as clients.