Decathlon UK teams up with RED January to keep bodies and minds healthy in 2021


Decathlon UK and RED January have partnered to promote healthy bodies and healthy minds throughout the month of January. Not only that, but Decathlon will also be donating sports equipment to local communities to help them stay active  and improve their mental wellbeing.

RED January is a free nationwide initiative aimed at encouraging people of all abilities and backgrounds to get active every day in January to beat the blues away. Decathlon shares this common goal of inspiring people to get active every day to give their mental wellbeing a sporting chance.

In 2020 more than 50% of all RED January participants experienced reduced levels of stress and depressive symptoms as a result of their increased physical activity. January is typically a challenging month and this year is certainly no exception, with the third lockdown facing the country presenting a unique set of challenges for the nation’s mental health. However the New Year also represents an opportunity to start afresh with a new you.

As one of the UK’s leading sports retailers, Decathlon is well placed to help the nation maintain a healthy body and healthy mind during this difficult time.

Decathlons PLAY platform offers free expert sports advice and tips. There are over 1,500 live articles and videos, with new content added daily.

Articles such as the “The Ultimate Guide to Working Out at Home,” are designed to help you stay active every day, making life during lockdown easier and more fun. You can also find tips covering the full spectrum of sports, activities and abilities thanks to Decathlon’s broad appeal. Feel good pieces, including “Walking Outdoors: 6 Good Reasons to Stick to it,” and expert advice like “Top Tips to Setting Your 5k Running Pace,” ensure thatthere’s something to help everyone look after their mental health this January and beyond!

Alongside tips on how to stay active, Decathlon’s PLAY platform also includes handy kit lists to make sure you’ve got everything you need. So if you want to know the best home gym equipment, Decathlon have collated their “10 Home Gym Essentials,” to help you make the most of your home workout this January.

Inspirational stories are also available on Decathlon’s newly launched “The Power of 10 Podcast.” Decathlon ambassador and former Olympic Skier, Graham Bell, discusses the role fitness plays in the physical and mental wellbeing in the lives of stars of sport and media. Each episode delivers an easy take home message to maintain a healthy body and mind, helping listeners to lead happier lives.

By encouraging the nation to get active every day Decathlon hopes to positively impact lives in the UK this January and to help the nation lead happier and more active lifestyles in the following months and years.

Hannah Beecham, founder and CEO of RED January, says: “I was originally inspired to start RED January after witnessing the transformative effect that regular exercise had on my mum’s mental health. Since then, almost 200,000 people have kick started their year in a positive way!

We know that the nation needs a positive goal to get them through this challenging period in time, and we strongly believe that RED January 2021 can help.

To help us reach and empower more people to move for their mental health at a time when they need us most, we’re incredibly proud to be in partnership with Decathlon UK. Together we can turn January 2021 from blue to RED!”

Eric Mazillier, CEO of Decathlon UK, adds; “At Decathlon UK, we are all sport lovers. We are convinced of the positive impact leading a physically active lifestyle can have on your mental health. Therefore, as one of the UK’s largest sports retailers, we strongly believe in our responsibility to help the British population get physically active and healthy through sport.”

“This partnership with RED January is one we are very proud of because it represents another important step on our journey to improve the lives of British people.”

“By working together with our partners we hope to continue to find new opportunities to connect with our local communities and create long lasting value in UK society.”