Degono cafetiere aids with coffee grounds removal


Coffee addicts up and down the country understand the frustration and inconvenience of having to clean coffee dregs and residue from used cafetieres. The Degono puts an end to the repeated cleaning of cups and mugs with its ground breaking tea and coffee press designed to prevent coffee grounds and tea leaves from contaminating hot drinks.

The ultra-chic cleaning system makes removal of coffee grounds easy, utilising the innovative GROUNDSAWAY cleaning system. As the first model of its type to do so, the system makes use of a second filter that nestles at the bottom of the jug trapping stray grounds for effortless removal.

Degono teamed its radical concept with one of the UK’s leading product design companies to rectify existing issues in the cafetiere market such as, poorly positioned handles and malfunctioning filters. The finished prototype has refined the process and makes use of many integral features including a soft-grip handle, knuckle protection, dual filters, heat protecting pedestal and anti-spin ridges.

The piece de resistance of the prototype is the GROUNDSAWAY mechanism which separates the grounds from the brew. The innovative grab and release device enable the filter to separate from the cafetiere. Users can then empty the cafetiere in one carefree motion, using a push button to release dregs into the compost bin, or even on the roses! Utilising a super-fine mesh system, grit is retained whilst a fresh cuppa is free to drain through, and the silicone seals prevent grounds from leeching into beverages.

Sandra Craven, sales & marketing director, said: “We are a nation of coffee and tea lovers and most of us have several a day. It’s frustrating having to constantly clean cafetieres to get your brew just right and prevent it being contaminated with grounds. That’s why we honed in on what makes a cafetiere work. We conducted a lot of research into what people wanted and how to make it a reality.”