Delhaize invests in Trace One packaging software for private label


Delhaize: investing in packaging software for private label in Belgium

Delhaize: investing in packaging software for private label in Belgium

International retailer, Delhaize, has invested in Trace One’s Packaging Portal software to develop own label lines as part of a three year contract in Belgium. 

Delhaize will use the software to reduce administration around the packaging process, as well as gather business intelligence on the product life cycle in order to increase time to market. 

The retailer has over 7,000 private label food and non-food products and works with over 800 suppliers. According to Delhaize, it chose Trace One due to the ease of use of its software, as well as the size of its existing supplier base already trained in using the portal.

“We wanted to get a better understanding and visibility of the entire packaging process to see where bottlenecks might be and therefore make improvements to enhance efficiency,” said Naomi Kaempfer, head of design at Delhaize. 

“By gathering this information, we can continue to meet our business objective to offer the top quality local products that we are known for internationally. Trace One’s software will allow us to do this in a measurable way and ultimately increase profits; we chose to work with the company as its software was the most workable and easiest to understand.”

Delhaize has a range of food and non-food products including home and hygiene ranges. The Belgian market will use the Packaging Portal to enable full visibility of the product life cycle process in order to improve workflows. 

As well as the retailer’s 800 suppliers; buyers, quality analysts, labeling and packaging professionals, marketing departments, product managers, food safety managers, as well as external parties, including design agencies and translators, will access the portal.

According to Trace One, Delhaize will benefit from an online collaboration tool that will enable it to improve the private label packaging process through a more synchronised approach and allow for more effective decision making.

As well as reducing time to market, other benefits of using the portal include reduced errors in packaging due to web proofing; real-time tracking and automated emails; a single version of the truth, as everybody will work online on the same document and receive emails to validate work; and reuse of work as all information is accessible online and can be updated and reused as appropriate, the company said.

“As one of the largest manufacturers of private label in Europe with 50% of its products being own label, Delhaize clearly recognises the market opportunity,” said Marc Bonnamour, COO at Trace One. “We are delighted to have been chosen and look forward to helping the retailer increase visibility of the product lifecycle process and reduce its time to market, building on our existing customer base of 10,000 manufacturers and 19 retailers.”