Deli Santé launches new range of Waitrose artisan savoury bakery products

New artisan bakery products

New artisan bakery products

Extending its long established partnership with Waitrose, British artisan manufacturer Deli Santé has announced it is producing a new selection of own-label savoury bakery products for the supermarket. The French-inspired selection includes a quiche and a tart for the supermarket’s ‘Menu from Waitrose’ range, as well as a wider selection of four products for the core Waitrose brand.

The new products will extend the ‘Menu from Waitrose’ range with the addition of a Quiche Lorraine and a Pear & Roquefort Tart. Meanwhile the core range will see the launch of two puff pastry tarts, one Cherry Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Pesto and the second Portobello Mushroom, Bacon & Cheddar – both made using a savoury puff pastry with a cream cheese and crème fraiche base topped with quality ingredients and regional cheeses – and Roasted Pepper & Chorizo Tartlets. Lastly, a Sausage & Onion Quiche will be launched, targeted at attracting a male demographic to the traditionally female-dominated quiche market.

Deli Santé co-owner, Charles Coleman, said: “We’ve been working with Waitrose for over seven years now and are excited to continue to innovate within the pre-pack and deli sector, introducing consumers to new formats and ingredients. We believe the provenance and freshness of our ingredients is key, and we collaborate with Waitrose to ensure that they are of an exceptional quality, handmade by skilled pastry craftsmen to meet exacting taste standards.”

Founded in 2006, the Buckinghamshire-based manufacturer creates hand-made savoury bakery products including tartlets, quiches, hot and cold pies and other savoury pastries, as well as supplying own-label products to Waitrose. The new Waitrose own-label product are now available in-store at Waitrose and on For more information on Delisanté please visit