Deliveroo to deliver variety of advent calendars to customers doors in as little as 20 minutes


In less than one short week, families across the country will begin the countdown to Christmas, which can only mean one thing. Advent calendars at the ready! For those Brits who like to leave things to the last minute, Deliveroo is here to save the day with a selection of advent calendars available for delivery within as little as 20 mins.

For the more traditional Brits, Deliveroo has a range of chocolate advent calendars available, like the Maltesers Mini Reindeer from Co-op and Reese’s advent calendar from BP, to the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk advent calendar from Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Customers can also pick up Lindt calendars from Waitrose and Montezuma’s dairy free ones from Farmdrop

If customers have already overdone it on chocolate and would prefer waking up to a new cuppa every morning, Deliveroo will deliver tea calendars like the English Tea Shop Red Book Style advent calendar from Whole Foods Market.

For the not so sweet tooths and beauty fans, Deliveroo will also deliver cosmetics advent calendars through the app’s new partnership with Boots. Packed with a range of cosmetics and make-up brushes, one of their most popular calendars, the No7 Beauty Advent Calendar will be available to order through the app, alongside others like the Profusion advent calendar. Customers can also pick up men’s deodorant advent calendars like the Lynx Africa 12 Day Countdown.

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo said, “The countdown to Christmas has become a lot more exciting as Deliveroo will deliver a range of different advent calendars for every member of the family to enjoy! Eager to please all, Deliveroo will deliver the wide range of calendars to your door in as little as 20 minutes”

Customers can order advent calendars on Deliveroo today, simply search for ‘advent calendar’ in the search box. Orders can be placed directly through the Deliveroo app, or online. Download the app here. App link will direct people to their device’s app store.