Demand for vegan products set to explode as Brits experiment with vegan lifestyle choices, DFS discovers

A new poll by leading furniture retailer DFS conducted by YouGov reveals how significant numbers of brits are increasingly experimenting with a vegan lifestyle. 

The research revealed that while only 2% of Brits identify as strictly vegan, there’s a growing number who are increasingly exploring and adopting vegan behaviours. One in five (21%) have added vegan lifestyle choices to their everyday life and a further 12% are interested in pursuing vegan principles in the future. 

From homeware to fashion, the vegan buying boom looks set to explode in 2022, with vegan purchases gaining popularity with non-vegan shoppers. Last year, a whopping 91% of Brits who are vegan or follow any vegan lifestyle choices made a vegan purchase. 

The survey suggests that 2022 is set to be the year veganism expands beyond the kitchen – and the trend for vegan food – into the bedroom, living room and wardrobe as Brits embrace veganism in other areas of their lives. Demand for vegan products in 2022 is set to be higher than ever with more Brits considering vegan purchases. 32% said they’d be interested in purchasing vegan beauty products, 27% are interested in vegan fashion and 17% are looking to style their living rooms with vegan furniture.

A heightened awareness of veganism in both mainstream media and social media channels is influencing Brits to adopt more vegan behaviours. 27% cited the role of celebrities and influencers in the trend and 26% noted that the increase in profile for vegan products in the media has supported its growth. Popular TV shows like Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off and BBC1’s MasterChef were cited by almost a quarter (23%) as improving vegan popularity. Singer, Billie Eilish and TV presenter, Fearne Cotton ranked amongst the most popular vegan influencers responsible for having a positive impact on home interiors choices when it comes to buying vegan products. 

Interestingly, 7% of 25-34-year-olds who are vegan or follow some vegan lifestyle choices bought vegan living room furniture in 2021 and this looks set to dramatically increase for the age group, with over a quarter (26%) keen to invest in vegan living room furniture in 2022.

In addition to the ethical and environmental benefits to buying vegan, the feel-good factor was a key reason for almost one in five vegans or people following vegan lifestyle choices (19%), who purchased vegan products to feel good about themselves. 

Popular culture and being on trend were an essential consideration for this group, with one in ten (10%) 18–24-year-olds and a further 5% admitted the positive perception achieved through social media impacted their purchase decisions. 

Coinciding with this research, DFS is proud to announce the launch of its exclusive new VEGAN collection, offering customers five new PETA approved sofas, two accent chairs and a footstool, in a range of stylish colours and fabrics. The DFS VEGAN collection has been created to meet a growing consumer desire for vegan products, enabling customers to choose a sofa that aligns with their values and lifestyle choices. If vegan is your thing, then DFS has a sofa for you.

Noting the trend, Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of award-winning interior design duo 2LG Studio said: “For us, being vegan began as a dietary choice, and over time that has extended naturally into other areas of our lifestyle. It influences our choices on everything from food, to fashion, to beauty and grooming products as well as our interiors. 

“Our approach is not about perfection but about making small changes (where possible) that we feel we can sustain. This desire to try new ways of living is leading to exciting experimentation with new materials and products in our lives, but also a focus back on some basic principles of how to live consciously.” Jordan and Russell added, 

“That’s why we’re so thrilled to discover the new PETA-approved VEGAN sofa range from DFS, it’s totally free from animal products and includes five different designs in a range of fabrics, so there’s loads of choice. The new collection makes it so much easier to find a sofa that’s right for you, without having to compromise on any of your principles and they’re incredibly comfy too!”

Lou Petersen, brand director at DFS, comments: “Interior design decisions have typically centred around comfort and style, but these are no longer the only deciding factors – many of our customers are increasingly prioritising products which align with their personal values. With vegan and vegetarian consumers set to make up 25% of the UK population by 2025, it’s important that DFS can provide options and choice for all customers, which is why we are proud to have developed the DFS VEGAN range, the first furniture manufacturer to introduce a full collection of vegan sofas.” 

While DFS’ research revealed a rising demand for vegan products, there are still concerns amongst consumers. Almost a third (32%) of those polled believe vegan choices to be more expensive and 11% have concerns about the quality of vegan products. The choices on offer are also an issue, with 13% feeling that there isn’t enough choice in vegan products with the demand rising to 17% amongst 18–24-year-olds. 

The DFS VEGAN range is available exclusively at and in selected DFS stores now, with prices starting from £199.