Destination Pancake Restaurant creates meal kits for Valentine’s and Pancake Day


Comfort comes directly to the kitchen for next year’s Valentines and Pancake Day, courtesy of pancake connoisseurs, where the pancakes are. The newly launched DIY kits bring everyone together to elevate the humble pancake to something very special. Available for delivery across the UK from February 1st. Pre-order available from January 14th.

In the Valentine’s Breakfast Kit you’ll find a stash of delicious ingredients to lavish all your attention and love on someone special. Or to get everyone eating and cooking together, the Pancake Day Meal Kit has everything you need. For store cupboard basics, the everyday Pancake Essentials are thoughtfully sourced and superb quality. Visit the online shop to discover the full range.

Valentine’s Breakfast Kit:

Treat someone you love to a Valentines breakfast in bed. Inside each parcel you’ll find:

  • Organic buttermilk pancake flour mix or vegan and gluten-free pancake mix
  •  100% pure Canadian maple syrup
  • Prosecco Rosé DOC
  • Love Poems (Everyman’s Library Pocket Poets

Order online for delivery anywhere in the UK. £35.000 (incl p&p)

16th February 2021 is Pancake Day; a time for everyone to enjoy delicious, fluffy pancakes together. Open up the box to discover:

Pancake Day Meal Kit:

  • Organic flour buttermilk pancake mix, buttermilk, butter, St Ewe’s eggs

Plus, either:

  1. Smoked streaky bacon, blueberries and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup (£45)
  2. Banana and salted caramel (£45.00)
  3.  Lemons and Panela sugar (£45.00)

Pancake Day Vegan Meal Kit:

  •  3-in-1 vegan and gluten-free pancake mix, aquafaba, sunflower oil, soy milk 

Plus, either:

1.     “This is not bacon”, blueberries, 100% pure Canadian maple syrup (£49.50)

2.     Lemons and Panela sugar (£45.00)

Pancake Essentials:

Pancake Mixes. Where the pancakes are organic flour mixes are combined with flour sourced from Shipton Mill in the Cotswolds, which is unsurpassed in texture and flavour. The 3-in-1 pancake flour mix is vegan, dairy and gluten free and every mix comes with a recipe and tips for the perfect pancake. 

Sweet treats. For those who appreciate the sweeter things in life, add one (or both) of these to your order:

  • 100% pure grade ‘A’ maple syrup hand-tapped in Quebec, Canada.
  • Sea salted caramel created using Maldon Sea Salt; a family-run salt works known for their unmatched flavour

Gift Vouchers:

Elegantly printed and gold-embossed, gift vouchers come in a choice of four messages for a delicious surprise. Use the voucher in the online shop or in the restaurant when it reopens.