Didsbury Gin offers customers 15% off range for World Gin Day


Looking for a reason to stock up the bar trolley for the weekend? You’ll be pleased to know that World Gin Day is right around the corner, landing on Saturday 13 June. Ensuring their customers can celebrate in style, Didsbury Gin is offering their customers 15% off their delicious range with the code WORLDGINDAY.

With prices starting from £14.95, there isn’t a reason not to polish up those gin glasses and have that tonic ready to pop. Whether you’re looking for a classic G+T or a stylish infusion, Didsbury Gin is made with 100% real fruit, no additives and is vegan friendly, making it the perfect tipple to share with friends and family:

Original – this signature gin characterised by a fragrant citrus nose made from a delicious blend of botanicals, makes for a zesty spirit – ideal for sipping on those long, leisurely evenings or to be enjoyed as a clean and crisp G+T.

Raspberry and Elderflower – hailed as ‘perfection in a glass’[1] at last year’s World Gin Day, this fan-favorite combines British raspberries with locally foraged elderflower to create a quintessentially British flavour.

Strawberry and Sicilian Lemon – building on the classic citrus flavours of the Original, this summertime essential is further infused with fresh strawberries and Sicilian lemons, bringing the sunshine that little bit closer one sip and at a time.

Blood Orange & Ginger – made with the same 11 signature botanicals found in the Original, further infused with fresh blood oranges and ginger to create a stunning new flavour profile, perfect for those who enjoy a little kick to their cocktail.

Delicious on the inside and out, there is no need to throw your bottle in the recycling just yet – for those who love getting crafty and not just with their gin choices, Didsbury Gin have come up with some nifty ways to upcycle your empty bottle into something just as Insta-worthy as the full version:

1.       Candle Holder – Perfect for the beginner crafter, all you have to do is gently warm the end of a candle stick, pop it into the top of your empty bottle, strike a match and let there be light!

2.       Fairy Light Lamp – This classy hack requires just a string of fairy lights – thread the string of lights through the bottle neck, sparing enough of the wire to wrap round and down the back of the bottle, (be sure to secure this in place with superglue) – plug into the socket or switch on the battery pack, and you’ve got yourself a chic table lamp.

3.       Room Diffuser – Obsessed with essential oils? Create your own room diffuser by filling your empty bottle with a ¼ cup of unscented almond oil, 25 drops of your favourite essential oil, stick some diffuser reeds in the bottle and voila!

4.       Kitchen Storage – An ideal hack for those looking to jazz up their store cupboards – save your mini bottles for salt and pepper or other seasonings and simply pop a lid with a small opening on top. Or for those with a couple of the full-size bottles to spare, why not try some infusions yourself – add a couple of chilis or garlic cloves to some olive oil, ready for a subtle marinade.

5.       Soap Dispenser – Simply purchase a soap pump and decant your favourite smelling soap into its new reusable home, enjoy the compliments from guests with your eye-catching soap dispenser.

6.       Plant Pots – For those expert crafters with a steady hand – carefully carve off the neck of your bottle and shave the edges down until smooth to create a lovely dish in which to plant your gorgeous succulents.

7.       Flower Vase – Saving simply the best till last, simple being the key word!Fill your bottle up with water, trim the ends of a couple of bright flowers and pop them straight in!