Digital shopping list app, myShopi, is now available on a smartwatch

After the advent of the smartphone, here comes the smartwatch. Connected to a smartphone, it allows the relay of information to the display of the watch for easy and quick access. Business Insider predicts the sale of more than 20m smartwatches in the world this year.

The myShopi shopping list app for smartphone and tablet has been downloaded by 4m people worldwide and is now extended with a version for smartwatches running Android Wear. The new version of the myShopi Android app can be downloaded on the Android Play Store.

A digital shopping list prepared on a smartphone or tablet and appears on the wearer’s watch. Shoppers can leave their smartphone in their jacket or purse while shopping. In store, scrolling products to buy is done in a jiffy. In addition, coupons and promotions from retailer circulars that have been added to a shopping list are now visible on the smartwatch.

Will the most listed grocery products on smartwatch also be eggs, bananas, carrots, tomatoes and bread, like on smartphone? Only the future will tell.

“Facilitating your grocery shopping every day, that’s the credo of myShopi,” said Toon Coppens, strategy & innovation manager at BD myShopi.