Discount household products supplier, 151, launches Duzzit wet glove wipes


New wet wipe gloves

New wet wipe gloves

151 Products – a leading UK supplier of discount household products – has developed a range of wet glove wipes designed to make everyday home cleaning quicker and easier.

The unique Duzzit Wet Glove – a disposable cleaning wipe – has been launched as part of 151 Products’ popular Duzzit household range, which offers 100 products in a variety of trigger sprays, wipes and other cleaning materials. 

The Duzzit Wet Glove is said to be suitable for multiple uses throughout the home – for wiping away grime on everything from sinks to work surfaces. It has been categorised into three product ranges: bathroom, furniture and glass and mirror.

The 21×15 cm glove, which is wet on both sides, cleans and polishes surfaces with instant, long-lasting results, claims the company. The wet glove allows the wearer to comfortably clean and polish surfaces in even the most hard to reach spots, making it more efficient than a traditional cleaning wipe, 151 Products said.

Richard Shonn, managing director of 151 Products, said: “The Duzzit Wet Glove cleaning range is the latest development in household cleaning wipes. The versatile nature of the product allows the wearer to clean with ease, while also decreasing the spread of bacteria and dirt from wipe to hand – a common problem with a one-sided wipe.

“At 151 Products, we’re firmly committed to continuously developing original product concepts, created specifically for the retail industry to maximise its offering to consumers. We’re constantly looking at ways to improve the functions of everyday household products, while keeping value for money at the forefront of everything we do.”

151 Products is a large-scale distributor of household and gardening goods, DIY, car cleaning accessories and pet care products. The company supplies retailers across the UK with goods that are designed, developed in-house and sourced to offer maximum value at minimum cost.

The Duzzit Wet Glove range has an RRP of £1.49.