Discount stores are successfully targeting middle-class Britain, says shopper insight firm

Middle classes are increasingly shopping in Lidl, study shows

Middle classes are increasingly shopping in Lidl, study shows

Messages pushed by Aldi and Lidl that discount stores are a good place to pick up a bargain on premium brands is resonating with UK shoppers, according to a new survey by Canadean Custom Solutions, the consumer and shopper insight division of Canadean.

This attitude, shared by both higher and lower income groups, highlights how discounter’s strategies to appeal to middle-class Britain are succeeding, researchers claim.

Canadean Custom Solutions found 51% of adults aged 18 years and over have been visiting a discount store such as Aldi or Lidl in the last three months.

According to the survey, 54% of consumers believe the quality of food sold in discount stores is of at least the same quality as that stocked in supermarkets; while 45% believe the continental offerings served in discount stores offer an added level of appeal and excitement to those offered by the major retailers. Additionally, 64% of consumers believe stores such as Aldi and Lidl allow shoppers to pick up bargains on premium brands.

Importantly for the discounters, the view premium quality brands are available in discount stores is shared by both middle-to-higher income consumers (classified as ABC1) (64%) and consumers with lower income (classified as C2DE) (65%). This attitude among ABC1 class consumers is particularly important as such chains look to target consumers from middle-to-higher income backgrounds and shake off the association with shoppers who are less affluent, said Canadean Custom Solutions.

Michael Hughes, research manager at Canadean Custom Solutions, said: “These findings show the attempts by discounters such as Aldi and Lidl to target middle class consumers through advertising campaigns and products stocked in-store are paying dividends.

“The association with discounters and low quality offerings has long been eroded and middle-to-high class consumers are happy to do their grocery shopping there – irrespective of levels of financial well-being. If discounters continue to expand their grocery ranges, this could prove a significant threat to established retailers in the long-term.”