Discount voucher website on the hunto for three ‘Middle Aisle Shoppers’,

A leading discount voucher website is looking for three people to become the world’s first ‘Middle Aisle Shoppers’, after researching the value of second-hand brand merchandise, with KFC producing the most sought after ‘merch’, followed by Lidl and Sainsbury’s. The company is offering the professional shoppers £30 an hour to shop the bargain-ridden middle aisle, so consumers who miss out on limited edition products locally have a second chance of purchasing the latest must-have item online at the same price. 

A leading discount voucher website is recruiting three members of the public in a £30 an hour job role, to become the world’s first ‘Middle Aisle Shoppers’, so consumers who miss out on limited edition products locally have a second chance of purchasing the latest must-have item online at the same price. 

The ‘Middle Aisle Shoppers’ will be recruited by WeThrift, following research the company commissioned on the most valuable food/supermarket brand merchandise from the last decade. 

It discovered that KFC ‘merch’ has the highest resale value at £47.25 on average, with items like Funko Pop Colonel Sanders figurines and Pop-Pez sweet dispensers, followed by Lidl at £27.66 and Sainsbury’s at £19.98. Greggs finished fourth on the list with an average resell price of £12.25, while Aldi rounded off the top five at £11.53.

Members in the public interested in becoming a Middle Aisle Shopper can apply here: 

To create the list of the most valuable brand merchandise, WeThrift looked at eBay pricing data for products across a number of big brands in Britain, tracking the average cost of ‘Buy It Now’ prices. The site also looked at specific collectible ranges from each supermarket, such as; Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot range, Lidl’s 2021 clothing range, and Sainsbury’s Disney Heroes Card range.

Each Middle Aisle Shopper will work flexibly, remotely and on a freelance basis, and be given £500 spending money to purchase a set number of products when a new one is released, for example the Lidl branded socks. The professional shopper’s main aim is to ensure that consumers from other areas of the UK can purchase limited edition products at the same price seen in the likes of Lidl and Aldi, if their local store sells out, via 

Hopeful candidates must be over 18, have access to a computer or smartphone, and be able to travel to at least one Lidl, Aldi, and Sainsbury’s store. Applications close February 11th, with successful candidates being selected by February 18th. 

WeThrift simply helps shoppers save money when they shop online by providing the latest discount and coupon codes across more than 30 categories including fashion, food and drink and beauty. The platform was launched in 2017 by entrepreneur Nick Drewe. Now the site receives 2 million monthly visitors globally.

Nick Drewe, founder of WeThrift, said: “In the UK we know that people have an affinity for reselling products, whether its old sofas, second hand trainers, or Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot plush toy, if there’s a buck to be made the entrepreneurial British people will be selling it. However, sometimes a product is particularly popular in one area, therefore hundreds of consumers may miss out. We want to ensure that everyone has the chance to buy a converted middle aisle product! Our hope is to get all of the candidates confirmed by the middle of February, so if you love browsing the middle aisle of a discount supermarket, please get in touch!”