Discover the 20 marketplace mistakes every retailer should avoid in exclusive ChannelAdvisor download



The 20 marketplace mistakes every retailer should avoid is the theme of the latest ChannelAdvisor download, delivered exclusively for Retail Times’s readers.

Discover how to avoid or fix 10 costly Amazon mistakes and the 10 eBay mistakes that could be costing you sales.

The Amazon-oriented e-book urges retailers to respond to customers at weekends, which make up nearly 30% of the year. The guide also explains why it’s important to remove unwarranted seller feedback and why it’s imperative to monitor your Order Defect Rate – a metric Amazon uses to measure your performance.

ChannelAdivisor advises retailers to be realistic about their fulfilment capabilities and the consequences for getting these wrong.

It also warns against manual price adjustment on Amazon and suggests retailers adopt an automatic solution.

The guide recommends retailers consider their existing fulfilment strategy and whether it makes the most business sense and it has tips for optimising keywords.

ChannelAdvisor reminds retailers to keep a check on Amazon’s template and category updates and the importance of traffic analysis.

The e-book concludes with a stark warning against falling down on customer service and possible account suspension and has advice for companies who may find themselves in this worst case scenario.

ChannelAdvisor also highlights the top 10 eBay mistakes and how to avoid them.

It emphasises the importance of offering a free shipping option and why. The e-book reminds retailers of the need to remove inaccurate feedback on eBay, as well as Amazon.

The guide recommends offering strike through pricing to highlight discounts and how to go about it; plus the importance of analysing your retail rivals.

Keeping content fresh and up-to-date is paramount, ChannelAdvisor claims; and it warns retailers against solely focusing on their domestic market for sales.

The guide urges retailers to keep an eye out for eBay updates and explains why they are important and the significance of tracking and analysing metrics.

ChannelAdvisor recommends sellers make the most of their eBay listings and advises them not to ignore policy violations, which could put their account at risk.

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