Discover the missing marketing link in exclusive ChannelAdivsor retargeting download

Retail remarketing know-how

Retail remarketing know-how

ChannelAdvisor is lifting the lid on the benefits of retargeting in an exclusive free download for Retail Times.

The e-book – The Missing Marketing Link – An Introduction to Retargeting – reveals how an effective retargeting strategy can help retailers to tackle shopping cart abandonment, engage with casual shoppers and drive online sales.

The guide defines retargeting or remarketing and explains how it works.

ChannelAdvisor provides helpful hints for effective retargeting strategies such as Google’s Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs) feature, which can be used to drive a retailer’s relevancy during the shopping journey.

The e-book also explores how Google’s Dynamic Remarketing service can build further engagement with online shoppers.

ChannelAdvisor reminds readers of the benefits of social media, alongside web sites, in a retargeting strategy and advises retailers adopt a multi-platform campaign to capitalise on the reach of Facebook and Twitter, for example.

Similarly, the e-book urges retailers to consider the benefits of a mobile remarketing approach, given the increased penetration of smartphones around the world.

Summing up, ChannelAdvisor suggests retailers adopt an individual plan in their retargeting strategies and reveals how its technology can assist in this process.

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