Discover six quick tips for winning the Amazon Buy Box feature in exclusive ChannelAdvisor download


468x60-winning-buy-boxRetail Times has teamed up with ChannelAdvisor to provide six top tips for winning the Buy Box feature on Amazon and boosting online retail sales.

In its latest e-book, ChannelAdvisor highlights the potential of the online giant’s marketplace to drive sales given the proportion of shoppers who start their searches on its platform versus on Google.

The guide recommends sellers develop a history on Amazon in order to earn Buy Box status across multiple product categories plus the need to build up positive customer reviews.

ChannelAdvisor urges sellers to keep a keen eye on their pricing strategies to secure the Buy Box and promotes its Pricewatch tool, which monitors price changes in products across Amazon to ensure sellers remain competitive.

Availability is another weapon in winning the Buy Box feature, according to ChannelAdvisor. Sellers must ensure they have good availability at all times, suggests the guide. Consistent fulfilment is another must for online sellers, says the e-book. It also showcases the benefits of the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) service for sellers in providing first rate delivery and further enhancing customer satisfaction.

ChannelAdvisor reminds sellers to watch over their order defect rates via the Amazon 360 Dashboard and to communicate with their customers in order to build long-term value.

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