Discover what online shoppers want in exclusive ChannelAdvisor download

SIx top tips for online success

Six top tips for online success

Retail Times has teamed up with ChannelAdvisor to help retailers unlock online sales with a series of exclusive downloads.

This month’s guide – What do online shoppers want? – reveals the six key patterns retailers need to know for sales success including pricing and shipping, opinions and imaging.

The e-book provides the low-down on the state of multi-channel marketing and today’s shopper needs and behaviour.

ChannelAdvisor lifts the lid on six key consumer behaviours including the trend to use more sophisticated search terms and growing popularity of showrooming. The e-book advises retailers on techniques for improving their online visibility and highlights why images can be the best communication tools online.

The importance of price and shipping options on shopper choices is flagged up too – find out what percentage of UK consumers expect free delivery on all purchases these days and how many online enquiries reference the word ‘price’. You will be surprised!

The role social media plays in informing the consumer’s shopping decisions is highlighted too with top tips for winning shopper advocacy.

Personalisation is another tactic that retailers need to address to stay ahead online, according to the guide. ChannelAdvisor reveals the importance of tailored marketing campaigns and bespoke offers to target today’s savvy online shoppers.

The e-book includes a reminder about the variety of journeys shoppers make in purchasing brands online and the need to be consistent across all customer touchpoints.

ChannelAdvisor wraps up with a breakdown of the tools it provides to facilitate retailers’ digital marketing strategies in order to maximise revenue and sales.

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