Doff Portland updates pest control range with ultrasonic repellers


Doff Portland – the UK’s leading manufacturer of insecticides, weed killers and garden care products – has updated its pest control range for 2015, by introducing three new SKUs to the category.

The company has launched a range of plug-in, ultrasonic repellers for rodents and spiders that are suitable for indoor use.

Doff Portland has developed the new products to help retailers capitalise on the successful DIY pest control trend.

The new lines emit a powerful ultrasonic noise that is inaudible to humans and acts as a repellent to the pests. The plug-in device is suitable for large rooms and is safe to use with household pets.

Matt Jones, managing director at Doff Portland, said: “Our pest control lines have remained one of the company’s top performing categories for many years. The ultrasonic lines are a natural progression and evolution of the range and offer consumers a more humane solution, compared to traditional traps and killers.”

The ultrasonic rat and mouse repeller is available in three pack variations, large (approx. RRP £6.99), small (approx. RRP £4.49) and a small three pack (approx. RRP £11.99). The ultrasonic spider repeller is available is the one large format (approx. RRP £11.99).

In addition to the ultrasonic repellers, Doff Portland is launching a range of insecticide-free spider glue traps. Available in packs of four (approx. RRP £1.99), the easy-to-use glue traps can be set throughout the home to remove unwanted crawling insects.

Jones said: “We pride ourselves as a trusted brand with a rich heritage in the industry that is valued by both retailers and consumers.”