Dorset grocer upgrades to 10-lane superstore with Torex technology


Dike & Son: expansion to new superstore

Dike & Son: expansion to new superstore

Independent family-owned grocer, Dike & Son, has used in-store technology to upgrade to a new 10-lane superstore. Retail Times reports

New 10-lane supermarket in Stalbridge, Dorset

New 10-lane supermarket in Stalbridge, Dorset

Dike & Son has been operating in Stalbridge, Dorset, since 1851 and is a member of the Nisa-Today’s buying group. 

The business has historically traded from a row of three converted cottages but was looking to move to a larger purpose-built superstore. However, in order to expand, Dike & Son had to ensure its technology was able to cope with the move from a small operation to a 10-lane superstore. 

The retailer has worked with Torex to implement new technology. According to the company, the investment has delivered numerous benefits including:

  • a 0.5% increase on the bottom line
  • serving more customers with an enhanced customer service
  • reduced waiting times during busy periods
  • increased the amount of footfall in the store 
  • use of more detailed EPoS data to track sales
  • working and planning more efficiently with suppliers
  • ensuring the store has the right stock to meet demand 
Enhanced product availability and customer service

Enhanced product availability and customer service

According to Dike & Son, the business is committed to bringing customers locally sourced produce at sensible prices. It also works with local charities, supporting one each year.

Being a member of the Nisa-Today’s buying group enables the store to offer customers competitive pricing and special offers and discounts, which it claims match those of the bigger chain stores.

To meet this new challenge and take advantage of the opportunities presented with the move to a new superstore, Dike & Son has upgraded its existing Torex point of sale system to Torex Iridium and Torex Prism.

According to the supplier, Torex Iridium is designed specifically for convenience retailers. Its touch screen technology makes it easy to use, ensuring fast and reliable customer service, while keeping total control of sales prices and stock levels, says Torex.

Torex Prism, meanwhile, is said to allow for easy management of the stock elements of business, and integrates fully with EPoS allowing businesses to monitor price fluctuation, stock performance and track sales. The Prism solution helps Dike & Son to make informed decisions, leading to an increase in profits, customer loyalty and reduced wastage, said Torex.

By upgrading its technology, Dike & Son has been able to see the benefits of successfully running a larger operation.

The new system provides more detailed EPoS data, allowing company director, Adam Vincent, and his management team to track overall and promotional sales more successfully. 

Consequently, they can work and plan more efficiently with suppliers. The team is able to print off seasonal reports and see what it sold over the last few years, ensuring it stocks enough of a particular product at a given time of year. 

For example, Vincent and his team used EPoS data to make sure they stocked enough pumpkins to meet demand for Halloween.

Vincent said: “Since implementing Torex across our business we have really seen a huge difference. Being able to export data into Excel at the drop of a button is a real bonus as it gives us greater insight into how our sales are doing and where we can make further improvements. 

“The system is so intuitive and straightforward you can’t really get it wrong. By running a good EPoS system, you can gain a half a per cent increase on your bottom line, which definitely counts for something.”

The system has also enabled store staff to spend more time with customers.

Ordering was previously done manually, which proved to be a time consuming exercise. Now staff use handheld guns to scan and automatically order stock, making the process much faster. The time saved means staff are able to spend more time with customers, giving them the personal touch Dike & Son prides itself on.

The increase from four to 10 tills, with the help of the new technology, means the store can also serve more customers, reducing waiting times during busy periods and increasing the amount of footfall in the store.

And, in order to meet future demand, Dike & Son has ordered a new handheld scanning terminal from Torex to ensure the shelves stay stocked with what customers are looking for.

Vincent said: “I’m eagerly awaiting the latest technology update from Torex so we can roll it out as soon as it’s available and continue to take our operation to the next level.”