Doughlicious launches two exclusive new flavours into M&S


Award-winning cookie dough brand, Doughlicious has just unveiled two delicious new products, launching exclusively into 500 M&S stores across the UK.

Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel and Vegan Double Chocolate are the latest ready-to-bake, gluten free cookie dough recipes from Doughlicious, offering perfect stress-free home baking to M&S shoppers.

Combining quality ingredients without compromising on taste, the 2 new flavours are made using the finest ingredients, no GMOs or added refined sugars. Every batch is made in the UK and shaped into individual dough balls which are designed to promote portion control and fight food waste – so you only bake what you need!

Now M&S customers can choose between gooey or crispy cookies by baking from chilled or frozen in just 14-16 minutes. Ideal for any age or culinary capability to enjoy stress-free home-baking; keener cooks can even get creative and add a twist to their favourite recipes.

Comments Kathryn Bricken, founder of Doughlicious, “M&S has always been my go-to for quality, innovative and delicious food so I am incredibly proud to see Doughlicious on the shelves. We believe baking is a brilliant way to raise your spirits and make memories.

“Whether you follow a vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free diet, Doughlicious has something for you! I’m passionate about eating a balanced diet to nourish the mind and body, which is why Doughlicious cookie dough contains less sugar, fewer calories and saturated fats than other leading sweet treats.”

Doughlicious comes in fully recyclable packaging, RRP from £3.00 for a pack (bakes 6 cookies). Find it in the chilled dairy aisle.