Doves Farm launches organic speciality flour range

The UK’s number 1 organic flour brand, Doves Farm, is launching a new speciality flour range, intended to appeal to adventurous home bakers seeking flours with unique tastes and textures, as well as nutritional and environmental benefits. The new range includes an organic Oat, Coconut, Chickpea, Quinoa, Teff and Brown Rice flour. All are organic, vegan, Kosher and gluten free, with multiple products offering a source of, or are high in, fibre and protein.

Organic flours are seeing rapid growth from the last year at 84.2%, boosted by the lockdown baking boom, but also reflecting a drive to use products which are made from sustainably grown ingredients. Speciality flours also grew strongly at 48.7%*, as home bakers experimented with new tastes and textures, and went looking for specific nutritional benefits. Subsequently, interest in this range from consumers has been strong. For example almost half of home bakers questioned in a survey said they were interested in buying oat flour.

Milled from the finest organic British Oats, the Oat Flour (450g, RRP £4.20) is high in fibre and is great for making cakes, biscuits, breads and pancakes. Made from the finest organic and sustainably sourced Sri Lankan coconuts, the Coconut Flour (500g, RRP £3.95) is high in fibre and protein and works well for cakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles and pastry. The Chickpea Flour (260g, RRP £2.45) is milled from whole chickpeas, is high in fibre and protein and perfect for making pancakes, light batters and flatbreads. Praised as a superfood, the Quinoa Flour (310g, RRP £3.99) is a source of fibre and protein and makes excellent cakes, biscuits and pizza. One of the world’s smallest grains and also hailed as a superfood, the Teff Flour (325g, RRP £4.20), is high in fibre and often used to make pancakes, flatbreads, cakes and brownies. The wholegrain Brown Rice Flour (290g, RRP £2.10) is ideal for making pancakes, pastry, sauces and cakes.

Clare Marriage, Doves Farm founder, commented: “After the baking boom of last year, we are seeing an increase in demand for flours which offer new tastes and textures, as well as health and environmental benefits. Our new Organic Speciality Flour range, which includes an Oat Flour, Coconut Flour, Quinoa Flour and more, is intended to appeal to more adventurous home bakers and offers them delicious speciality flours that can be used in a variety of bakes.”