Dr. Martens selects Sailthru’s personalisation technology

Dr. Martens, the iconic British footwear brand, has entered into a three-year partnership with Sailthru, the leader in driving customer lifetime value through personalisation, to transform the customer experience as part of its total direct to consumer focus.

The company is currently focusing on expanding and improving its approach to ecommerce. Dr. Martens – most famous for its iconic 1460 8-eye boots – prides itself on individuality and with its refreshed customer focus, it has selected Sailthru to deliver a unique, connected brand experience.

Dr. Martens and Sailthru will work together to transform the brand’s approach to data collection, email marketing and personalisation in order to increase customer retention and customer lifetime value. The partnership will enable Dr. Martens to remove existing marketing data silos, build a single customer view using multichannel data and apply deep, rich customer analytics and predictions to refine engagement with individual customers.

Brogan Savage, global digital marketing manager, Dr. Martens, said: “Our customers are such individuals so we don’t want to do just a blanket message any longer. We’re fine-tuning our e-commerce experience so definitely need to ditch the batch & blast approach.

“For us, Sailthru is the best choice because of what they can offer versus other ESPs. Sailthru was built from the ground up for modern marketers, rather than working to add services through acquisition like many of the larger legacy technologies. We were evaluating multiple providers who have traditionally been considered the market leaders but we found that they weren’t focused and didn’t have the capability to have all engagements based on a single customer data asset.”

Dr. Martens initial plan is to start using Sailthru to personalise email newsletters and increase effectiveness through automating new components such as a welcome series & suggested products based on browser behaviour. Dr. Martens then plans to explore Sailthru’s complete platform offering including onsite personalisation and behavioural predictions. Marketing leadership cited the ability to grow alongside Sailthru as a key differentiator in the decision over longstanding global leaders in the email marketing space.

Neil Capel, founder and chairman, Sailthru, said: “Today, it’s absolutely critical for brands to understand their customers on an individual level. In celebrating individuality, Dr. Martens has always been ahead of the curve. The move to provide its customers with truly personalised experiences is further testament to this. By taking advantage of the most mature personalisation solution the Dr. Martens team can both measure and respond to the specific interests of each customer and their purchase intent. As the brand continues to expand its global digital footprint it will surely continue to solidify its place as one of the leaders in the ongoing transformation of retail marketing.”