Dragons’ Den contender, Write Size, wins retail attention for stationery lines


Since the appearance on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, Write Size has been inundated by retailers and press to learn more about its stationery concept.

Broadcast to 3.4m people, the Midlands based innovators went head-to-head with the notorious entrepreneurs on the BBC Two programme, when they pitched their revolutionary product which aims to make writing easier for children to learn.

Write Size has developed a range of pencils to scale for children aged two years to 10+ in an attempt to make handwriting less daunting, easier to learn and more enjoyable amongst children as a result.

The concept was originally brought to life in 2012 by Ross Williams, after watching his young children struggling to learn to write with a tool which was not in proportion to their hands.

Since the programme aired the team have seen the demand for their product range grow and interest from leading and independent stationers in the UK grow daily.

Moreover, the industry accolades just keep coming. Adding to a Small Business Sunday Award and nomination in the Express and Star Business Innovation awards, Operations manager Surlender Pendress has been recognised with a “Woman in Business” prize by leading business woman and retail expert Jacqueline Gold.

“I am truly overwhelmed and delighted that we have been recognised in this way,” said Surlender.

“I have been focusing hard since 2012 on getting the message out there about giving children the right tools be to be able to grow, learn and develop.”

The successes keep mounting up despite the comments of Peter Jones and Deborah Meedon, with Write Sizeproducts now being launched in a number of retailers across the UK including Webbs Garden Centres, LPC Stationers, Ruddocks of Lincoln and national retailer Rymans.

Products are already available in New Zealand and the Middle East.

The company is steadily building a reputation for its products that inspire young and old alike to take a fresh look at what writing instruments should be used to teach a fundamental skill. With the Back to School campaign well under way, Write Size are now focused on Christmas.

Surlender is continues to be ambitious and sees an opportunity for Write Size to be the face of a writing revolution worldwide

“Consider this, would you give a five-year-old an adult cricket bat, a full size trumpet or an adult sized meal? The list goes on and on with comparison being made across all sections of daily life.

“Around 14bn pencils are sold yearly, yet they only come in one size – the right size for adults’ hands. And yet, a five year old’s hands are 50% smaller than an adult’s. Clearly this makes a pencil feel twice as long as it does to us, creating discomfort

“It became apparent to me that the only product not manufactured to meet the specific needs of a child is a pencil. This is a key tool they use at an important time in their lives. Children are even taught on seats and desks that are in proportion to their arms and legs. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

The Write Size team believe that a number of recent plaudits and accolades add weight to the viability of its concept.

“Even though we didn’t receive investment from the Dragons’ Den, our experience on the programme has been a real eye opener and we have taken the feedback on board. We are approaching a very exciting time with the product and brand. Who knows where this will lead us.”