Duerr’s and FareShare team up to help fight UK hunger

British marmalade manufacturer Duerr’s has teamed up with national food charity FareShare to help tackle food poverty across the UK.

Manchester-based Duerr’s has set a target to donate one million breakfast portions via FareShare in its You Buy, We Donate campaign, helping to support vulnerable people across the country as part of its mission to stop the spread of hunger. For every jar of Thick Cut or Fine Cut marmalade sold, Duerr’s will donate a single serve breakfast portion.

With 8.4 million people in the UK struggling to afford a meal, FareShare will deliver Duerr’s contributions to their Regional Centres nationwide to ensure they reach people in local communities most in need.

Duerr’s has updated its labelling and on shelf packaging in support of the campaign, featuring the FareShare logo and You Buy, We Donate message so it’s clear to consumers. The new jars are now in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons stores.

Richard Duerr, marketing and sales director at Duerr’s, said: ‘‘Supporting our communities in whatever way we can has always been part of our core business values, so we’re thankful to be able to do this on a national scale now and contribute to the wider mission to help stop the spread of hunger.

‘‘As well as taking our campaign to shelves, we’re gathering support internally too. We’ve introduced food bank donation bins across our site to encourage staff to donate goods where possible. We’re doing all we can to make a difference, and we feel together we can.’’

Alyson Walsh, commercial director at FareShare UK, said: ‘‘FareShare works with hundreds of breakfast clubs, food banks and community centres across the country to get food onto the plates of those who are most vulnerable. With millions of families struggling to eat because of the pandemic, we are very grateful for Duerr’s support and generous donation at this critical time.’’

Duerr’s partnership with FareShare is an extension of its ongoing charitable activity. The business has raised thousands of pounds for various causes over recent years, and most recently has supported local schools by providing spreads to breakfast clubs, ensuring as many children as possible have access to a good breakfast each day.

Duerr’s has been producing high-quality and innovative jams, marmalades, sweet spreads and condiments from Manchester for over 135 years.