DumDum Donnutterie launches its new rebrand at INTU Lakeside, Essex


Patisserie Chef Paul Hurley and his team of great taste innovators at DumDum Donutterie have just launched their new retail concept at intu Lakeside – one of the UK’s major shopping centres. This new takeaway and café offer is the culmination of Hurley’s collaboration with London based retail design consultants, Innovare Design.

Hurley is no newcomer to the donut business, having spent more than 15 years working with the company behind the Dunkin’ Doughnuts’ UK franchise. But 10 years ago he broke away to start his own donut enterprise with the aim of producing “the best donuts in the world”.

Today, DumDum Donutterie is an independent British company that has been blazing a trail with their luxury artisan donuts. Using all-natural ingredients, they combine a unique patented baking process with high quality patisserie-inspired donut recipes.

With three successful UK outlets under his belt and an exclusive arrangement to supply Harrods, Hurley set his sights on franchising the DumDum brand. He enlisted retail design specialists Innovare Design to help with a rebrand to unlock his business vision and create a strong brand platform to support his national and international expansion plans.

“I’d seen what the Innovare Design team did with the Lola’s cupcakes rebrand and knew instinctively that they would be the right design consultants for us,” said Hurley.

Innovare Design was commissioned in the summer of 2017 with the brief to build a solid brand DNA for DumDum and a unique retail store concept.

“Fundamentally the DumDum identity and core colours were strong, recognisable and loved by their loyal fan base so we have been able to hone these elements further,” said Lloyd Blakey, creative director at Innovare Design.

“The challenge with any new retail brand is to unlock the heart of it in order to express an engaging brand experience for the consumer. But with Paul’s infectious passion for his product, we were quickly able to distil the essence of the DumDum brand” continues Blakey “and our client is extremely happy with our distinctive and highly scalable store concept.”

The first rebranded store launched at INTU Lakeside in mid-December 2017 to rave reviews from the intu shopping centre management team.

The 39sqm take-away and 15-seater café effuses the artisanal craft, fun and high quality of the brand. The design concept feels established and new at the same time, having captured the essence of a traditional European patisserie with a contemporary twist on the American craft donut experience.

On approaching the store, the pink Zebra graphic wall (a device that celebrates DumDum’s current best-seller) ensures standout for the brand in a busy mall environment, even when the store is closed. Also included in this wall is a seasonal promotional window to champion the product 24/7. Strong, considered graphics play their part throughout the space in order to express the brand story. While bespoke illustrated menu boards and product photography clearly presents the range and simplicity of the offer.

The extended 4.5m Corian counter design supports a fast, friendly and accessible service style and allows for an abundant display signalling the choice and variety. Product is carefully lit and presented on black slate trays. Elsewhere the use of natural timber in shelves, seating and tables reflect the natural ingredients. Even the new packaging will express the ‘all natural’ nature of the product with a move to all paper bags and boxes. Packaging will also include elements of the brand pink and Zebra graphic to maintain the element of surprise and delight for the customer.

Overall the decoration is paired back to express the honest fresh roots of the brand, while the painted brick walls tie back to the DumDum bakery and their successful Shoreditch Box Park outlet in East London.

A contemporary encaustic style floor tile in the shop area is complemented by a terrazzo finished floor in the café – a welcoming space with ambient lighting where families can take a break and share in the DumDum indulgence…even the coffee is gourmet, supplied by ethical coffee supplier Matthew Algie.

Due to the brand’s popularity on Instagram the store concept includes ‘instagrammable’ elements galore – from the quirky Donut Guy illustration that signs off Paul Hurley’s brand mission, to the fun donut puns such as ‘Doughs before Bros’ that adorn uniforms and wall graphics.

A photographic brand wall enables the client to build an evolving sense of community and allows them to express their brand story highlights – such as their recent tie-in with Just Eat to supply the behind the scenes catering for The X Factor.

“I really feel that the team at Innovare Design have helped me to unlock the brand potential for DumDum Donutterie,” said Hurley. “I talked and they listened. It’s been a fantastic, fast-paced collaborative journey and it’s not over yet…watch this space!”