Dutch holiday accommodation provider, Roompot, tackles basket abandonment with Webtrends Streams


Webtrends, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions, today announced that one of the Netherlands leading holiday accommodation providers, Roompot, has adopted Webtrends Streams to tackle basket abandonment, with impressive results.

Like many organisations, cart abandonment was resulting in lost online sales for Roompot, but it had no definitive strategy in place to tackle the issue. Also, its visitor web experience and email campaigns consisted of mainly randomized content. Roompot wanted to implement campaigns that delivered a far more relevant visitor experience to customers based upon their browsing behaviour. In addition, timely and pertinent email remarketing was also required to help entice back website abandoners.

Roompot selected Webtrends to help formulate a proof of concept (POC) using Webtrends Streams, a real-time data deliverysolution that captures visitor behaviour ‘in-the-moment’ and allows for unique marketing capabilities. By adopting Streams and integrating with email service provider (ESP) E-Village, Webtrends and Roompot implemented a remarketing campaign capable of emailing a visitor in less than one hour after they had abandoned their basket.

Through this timely, enticing and relevant messaging, the POC saw Roompot increased conversions by 250% in three weeks compared to the average conversion rates from email campaigns.

Wesley Koolen, internet manager at Roompot, said: “Our industry is extremely competitive. In order for us to surpass the competition, we needed to be able to react quickly to our website abandoners. We knew that real-time data intelligence could benefit our goals for increasing online conversions, but we were not expecting the results to be so dramatic and so sudden!  To have a 250% increase in just three weeks is a fantastic result, and we are now looking at expanding our strategy across the site to incorporate testing, targeting and personalisation with Webtrends.”

Maarten Sambre, regional director Benelux at Webtrends, said: “Roompot really understands the importance of rapid, reactive, relevant marketing.  The window to turn visitors from abandon to purchase is becoming increasingly small, and with travel one of the most competitive industries, Roompot knew that real-time data insight could provide them with a key differentiator. To achieve such impressive results in a short space of time proves the point, and we’re extremely excited about the future partnership with Roompot to take their online strategy to the next level.”