Eagle Eye debuts NFC digital coupon solution for grocery stores at RBTE



Digital offers and rewards specialist, Eagle Eye Solutions, showcased a new solution for grocery stores, which uses NFC technology to accept a digital code at the till point at RBTE.

Eagle Eye has been trialing the solution with One Stop and Coca-Cola, which is providing coupons to customers which have to be validated against a basket at the checkout. The digital coupon can only be redeemed if there is a Coke in the basket.

“It’s a powerful way for brands to connect with shoppers,” said Eagle Eye CEO Phill Blundell.

The One Stop trial will run for a month and is targeting specific stores, using the Weve mobile commerce platform, which represents over 80% of UK mobile cusotmers.

The company also showcased its new Greggs mobile payment app designed to reward its customers for their loyalty whilst making shopping across its 1,700 shops more convenient, quicker and easier.

The new rewards app, which went live two weeks ago, is claimed to be the first entirely digital loyalty scheme launched by a UK food-on-the go retailer that eliminates the need for customers to carry a separate loyalty card or their wallet when they shop.

According to Blundell, Greggs currently has 5,000 sign ups and is targeting 20,000 in year one.

Eagle Eye investor and non-executive director, Sir Terry Leahy, has stated that the younger generation expects to give something back – share their details – in return for a discount. He also predicts price promotions will eventually disappear. Instead apps, such as the Greggs one, will be used to get rid of surplus stocks.

“We are at the start of that journey and have the technology that links the shopper with the shop in real time,” said Blundell.