Easy Bean launches first seasonal one pot meal in Waitrose stores

New autumnal meal pot

New autumnal meal pot

Specialist, award-winning bean company Easy Bean, is extending its range of meal pots with Italian Pasta e Fagioli, in Waitrose this month. It will be available from Ocado and other outlets shortly.

The new recipe feature borlotti beans and orecchiette pasta with porcini mushrooms, premium balsamic vinegar, pearl onions and celeriac in a smooth, creamy sauce.

The product, hand-prepared and cooked in small batches in Easy Bean’s Somerset kitchen, is the first seasonal offering from the company and will be available until next spring when it will be replaced with a new recipe. It will be on special offer at Waitrose until 16 October 2012, retailing at £2.32, a third off the usual price of £3.49.

Pasta e Fagioli joins the six-strong Easy Bean team of gourmet meal pots: New Mexican Chilli, Moroccan Tagine, French Cuisinées, Indian Sambar Dhal, African Palava and Spanish Puchero. Different beans are featured in each pot in recipes cooked up by the managing director Christina Baskerville.

Baskerville said: “Pasta e Fagioli is the perfect lunch pot as it is packed with veg and is a good source of protein and slow release carbs. It can be enjoyed by itself or with some oven-roasted squash or sweet potato on the side.”

The borlotti bean is said to be the most popular in northern Italy with a high iron content and is regarded as an excellent substitute for meat.