EAT. partners with Toast Ale to turn its surplus fresh bread into craft beer in a bid to tackle food waste

EAT. has announced a unique partnership with Toast Ale which sees the high street brand giving surplus crusts of bread to Toast, who turn it into their award-winning range of craft ales and lagers which is then sold in store.

EAT. now stock Toast Pale Ale and Toast Craft Lager in all 5 of their licensed sites, including Royal Festival Hall, Heathrow (T2 + T3), Edinburgh and Windsor.

Toast’s first brews of the Pale Ale and Lager used 1,040kg of surplus fresh bread donated by EAT.

Louisa Ziane, chief brand and finance officer at Toast Ale comments: ‘We’re thrilled to be closing the loop with EAT, creating delicious beers with surplus fresh bread from the production of their sandwiches. Our profits will go to the charity Feedback so we can together tackle the systemic causes of food waste.’

Holly Oades, marketing director at EAT. adds: ‘We’re always looks for ways to reduce our food waste.  Through working with Toast we have now found a way to give new life to this bread.  Not only does it cut waste in the kitchen, the beers taste fantastic and as if that wasn’t enough Toast gives 100% of its profits to charity.’