eBay Enterprise announces new commerce marketing platform to drive one-to-one commerce marketing at scale

eBay Enterprise, an eBay Inc. company, today announced the eBay Enterprise Commerce Marketing Platform, a new omni-channel engagement suite that will enable marketers to drive and optimise one-to-one commerce at scale, the company claims.

Designed and built from the ground up, in strategic partnership with FICO, a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company, the platform combines the commerce insights, demand generation delivery technologies and intellectual property of eBay Enterprise with FICO’s analytics technologies and products to optimise the relevance and value of each individual customer’s purchasing journey, the companies report.

Through this integrated suite, brands and retailers can unlock the predictive power of their data to deliver the most effective content to the most responsive customers through the best combination of channels, said eBay Enterprise.

“Thanks to our commerce heritage, eBay Enterprise is uniquely positioned to provide deep insights into consumer engagement with brands while providing truly actionable insights that can’t be found anywhere else,” said Steve Denton, vice president marketing solutions, eBay Enterprise. “The combination of commerce insights and analytics allows marketers to better predict consumer behaviour, optimise ROI throughout the life of campaigns and relevantly address individual consumer needs.”

“Given the multi-channel way that today’s consumer shops, and an abundance of product and social information, a consumer’s journey to a purchase decision has become highly complex,” said Don Peterson, general manager, FICO Marketing Solutions. “In this environment, marketers who can rapidly analyse and act on large amounts of data from multiple sources to spot a consumer’s intent, predict behaviour and present the best offer have a clear competitive advantage. Together our products give commerce marketers an advantage, at scale, so they can make the sale and strengthen customer satisfaction and loyalty in the process.”

The Commerce Marketing Platform includes a powerful mix of analytics and planning tools that integrate existing eBay Enterprise demand-generation technologies with new solutions:

  • Customer Engagement Engine:combines email and customer database technologies to provide a fully integrated messaging engine utilising powerful analytical tools to create and deploy personalised, relevant content across all addressable channels
  • Affiliate Engine:connects with more than 200,000 publishers to drive sales with online, in-store, mobile, and social solutions
  • Display Engine: grows business with timely and personalised display advertising to consumers throughout their shopping experience, and across entire customer lifecycle
  • Social Engine:targets shopping cart abandoners with social media display ads on any tablet, mobile or iOS device
  • Loyalty Engine: rewards customers with personalised offers to increase revenue and     retention
  • Attribution Engine:applies proven analytical models and highly actionable insights to enhance the value of media plans
  • Media Planner:optimises media plans and budgets in real time
  • Optimisation Engine:predicts the perfect content and moment of delivery to create targeted, highly personalised recommendations for every customer
  • Audience Insights Engine:aggregates and analyses data from owned customer databases, third-party data from external sources and exclusive first-party commerce insights from eBay Inc.