eBay launches service for car maintenance and repairs in co-operation with Autobutler

The worldwide online marketplace eBay has launched the eBay Motors Werkstattportal (www.ebay.de/werkstatt) in Germany in co-operation with Autobutler, an experienced partner for online comparisons of garages in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and UK. The portal enables users to obtain three quotes for car repair and maintenance and combines price comparisons with information about the garages creating transparency in the garage market.

The eBay Motors Werkstattportal enables car owners to describe their individual service needs. Their requests are checked by Autobutler for completeness and forwarded to registered garages. The car owner receives three quotes from garages in the vicinity and can pick a garage based on price, presentation of the individual garage, distance, and other consumer-related criteria. The car owner chooses a relevant quote and makes an appointment with the selected garage. Payments are done after completion of the maintenance or car repair after which the user can evaluate the performance in the eBay Motors Werkstattportal therefore aiding future potential customers.

Autobutler said it demands high quality from its garage partners, as garages are often chosen based on trust. Among the national garage chains are well known companies such as Euromaster and the HESS GRUPPE with their garage chains Easy Auto Service and Motoo. Garages meet an extensive list of requirements and are regularly checked through random tests of selected garages.

“We have had high demands for parts, accessories, and repairs for vehicles on eBay Motors. On the German eBay marketplace every three seconds a car part or accessory is sold,” said Reinhard Schmidt, director automotive at eBay. “I am very pleased that we, in collaboration with Autobutler, now can offer our users the opportunity to obtain individual quotes for maintenance and repair of their vehicle.”

Christian Legêne, managing director at Autobutler, said: “We are delighted that eBay has chosen to collaborate with Autobutler. With our experience in Scandinavia, we offer great value for both the 16 million active users of eBay in Germany as well as the workshops”.