eBay UK predicts Black Friday will be biggest ever for SME retailers

New data released today from eBay UK suggests Black Friday is becoming a day for Small Business such as independent local retailers, reversing the trend of big brand consumerism inherited from across the pond:

  • In 2018 SME sales accounted for 60% of total purchases during the Black Friday spending period on eBay UK
  • Meaning £3 in every £5 spent on eBay UK during Black Friday last year went to an SME seller
  • Since 2014 the number of purchases made from SME sellers has risen 15%
  • Yet, the number of SMEs taking part in Black Friday on eBay has risen by only 2% in the same time – suggesting independent local retailers could be missing out on vital revenue
  • This year eBay UK are predicting 300milllion site visits during the discounting period, a significant uptick on 2018
  • For background, over 300,000 UK SMEs trade on eBay UK

Responding to the data, Rob Hattrell, VP of eBay UK, said: “Black Friday is fast becoming a day for small businesses. Over 300,000 UK small businesses trade on eBay UK, and we’re increasingly seeing them take part in the Black Friday spending spree, going shoulder to shoulder with bigger household brands.

“Small businesses benefit from agile supply chains and the ability to offer great value for customers, meaning they’re perfectly placed to cash in on Black Friday. Last year they did just that, £3 in every £5 spent on eBay UK during the discounting period went to small business sellers –  proof that SMEs can hold their own in the battle for Black Friday shoppers.

“This year we’re predicting over 300milllion site visits to eBay UK during the Black Friday period, that’s millions of potential customers and a significant opportunity for small businesses in a tough retail environment.”

Broader Black Friday trends on eBay UK:

  • Since 2014 the number of transactions on eBay UK during the Black Friday discount period have risen 22%, while the value of purchases on eBay rose 30%
  • Home, Furniture & DIY has been the top product category for the past four years on Black Friday, followed by Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, then Mobile Phones
  • But last year Health & Beauty overtook Mobile Phones in the most popular product category ranking, for number of items purchased, with 4.3million items bought, compared with 3.2million
  • Top searches on eBay UK during Black Friday last year were for phone (1.2million), table (602k) and toy (465k).