eBay UK reveals spike in demand for gym equipment and jigsaw puzzles as nation prepared for Lockdown 2.0


TodayeBay UK publishes new data revealing how the UK spent in anticipation for Lockdown 2, with demand for gym equipment and boardgames and puzzles immediately spiking among its 28 million customers, after it was announced that England would head into a month-long lockdown from Wednesday 4th November.

Strength Training & Weight sales on eBay UK instantly shot up by 500% compared to the previous week, as the nation responded to the news of new lockdown restrictions that has seen gyms and leisure centres forced to close. At the same time, cardio machine sales rose by 200% as the public prepared themselves for another month spent largely at home.

This growth is on top of a steady rise in sales across the Sporting Goods category since the outbreak of the pandemic. Sales across the category are up 300% year-on-year since the first national lockdown in March, suggesting that we have become a nation of home fitness fanatics.

Meanwhile, new eBay data also shows that sales of toys and games on the platform jumped in popularity after the government’s press conference on Saturday, as people sought ways to keep themselves occupied and entertained for the coming weeks. Sales of 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles jumped 36% following the government’s announcement, while sales of board games were up 21% on the previous day.

Murray Lambell, general manager eBay UK, commented: “Since the outset of the pandemic, we have seen distinct trends emerge on eBay UK, painting an interesting picture of how we are responding to the challenges of the crisis through our shopping habits. Not only has at-home gym equipment soared, but we have seen a revival of arts and crafts and classic family board games – and, even more recently, an uptick in purchases of outdoor patio heaters as people prepare for the winter lockdown. At the same time, it’s been brilliant to see so many entrepreneurs and small businesses on the platform adapting to the challenges imposed by the pandemic, and responding to deliver in-demand products for people up and down the country.”