Eco-retailer, Ecovibe, sees record growth throughout past year, aiming to double annual revenue


Sustainable e-commerce retailer, Ecovibe, has announced its impressive plans to double annual revenue this year following a record-breaking start to 2021.

The retailer has seen consistent growth year on year, increasing turnover by 301% annually. With developing interest in the sustainable market from both consumers and investors throughout the past 12 months, the retailer is set to continue this trend, with big plans for further expansion.

Since the start of the year, Ecovibe have further bolstered its team, welcoming four key new hires to its staff roster. Important hires include new head of operations and B2B development manager, who are set to help the company scale efficiently, as well as drive wholesale and retail opportunities moving forward.

In addition, the retailer has expanded its product offering greatly throughout this period, with 50 new innovative products now available to consumers.

Stacey Skidmore, Managing Director Ecovibe had to say “It’s been a challenging year for many industries; however, we’ve seen the interest in sustainability skyrocket as the pandemic has allowed consumers the time to take a step back, slow down and focus on issues such as the environment.

As the world becomes ever more eco-conscious, we hope to see UK consumers become more aware of the products they’re purchasing and the effect these can have on the environment.”

The majority of Ecovibe’s customer base are younger generations, and with millennials and Gen Z showing a growing interest in sustainability and gaining further purchasing power, the retailer forecasts increasing demand.

“We’ve seen a huge shift towards products with green credentials, as younger consumers prioritise factors, such as vegan, cruelty- and plastic-free, which is extremely promising for the sustainability sector”, added Skidmore.

Despite only being founded in 2018, Ecovibe is already a market leader for eco-friendly cleaning products, creating some of the most innovative and effective non-toxic and plastic-free alternatives on the market. Their ability to find their niche in an every-increasingly competitive market has proven key for success, and this is only set to continue further.